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Tsipras Briefed G20-Diplomats on SYRIZA’s Pro-European Stance and Foregin Policy

Government challenger Alexis Tsipras from left-wing SYRIZA invited the ambassadors of G20 most industrialized states in Athens in order to brief them about the party’s pro-European stance, its programme and main objectives in foreign policy.

Based on the central party position that the Memorandum of Understanding leads to the destruction of the country and wanting to reassure foreign diplomats that SYRIZA has a stable pro-European orientation, Alexis Tsipras said:

“The programme of  SYRIZA is not a programme for an exit from the EU and the Eurozone but a programme shwoing the only way to exit from the crisis and the transformation of Greece into an equal and dignified partner in the EU and the euro area.

SYRIZA is the left of the 21st century seeking a socialism with democracy and freedom.”

In an effort to give the foreginers an idea of  how SYRIZA will apporach things , should it govern Greece, Tsipras said:

“We want to seek an agreed solution with our partners, but such a solution must defenitely stop the ongoing destruction,  the decrease of Greece’s GDP, the increasing unemployment, the further compression of labour wages and of state spending which is vital for the health and the safety of the population.”

Tsipras outlined the main obejctives of SYRIZA’s foreign policy saying that the party follows a “multidimensional and peaceful foreign policy, but assertive within the EU and capable to help build regional cooperation in the Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea. He also stressed that SYRIZA favors a nuclear-free Middle-East and that it will take the lead in this direction.

Greek-Turkish relations:  Tsipras called for dialogue based on international law and mutual respect of sovereignty. Moreover, he spoke in favor of Turkey’s accession to the EU, provided they would remove the threat of war (casus belli) against Greece, the issue of the continental shelf would be taken to the International Court of The Hague,  while criterion would be also a moratorium on armaments.

He underlined Greece’s “inalienable right” to EEZ and the exploitation of its resources and stressed that he would laiunch inititiatives for agreements with neighboring countries.

Cyprus-Issue: Tsipras said, the party supports the reunification of the island under a bicommunal, bizonal federation Cyprus without foreign armies and foreign bases.

FYROM: He reiterated the party’s position on FYROM name issue advocating a composite name with georgraphic qualifier for each use.

Alexis Tsipras said that he would promote an inter-Balkan cooperation as well as the idea of an inter-Balkan ecological map.

It is worth noting that Germany, USA, Japan, China and Saudi Arabia did not send ambassadors to the meeting but lower level diplomats.

sources: To Vima.gr ,  in.gr, newsit.gr.

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