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Athens: “Jerusalem Post” Reporter Beaten As He Was Trying To Film Mob Attack

A reporter of  Israeli daily Jerusalem Post got injured by masked cultprits while he was trying to film a mob attack outside tha National Archaeological Museum in downtown Athens. Injured in the head and the chest, Shefler was rushed to a hospital for treatment. Shefler reported that the incident lasted some 15 minutes and that he was chased and beaten with sticks when he took out his camera. Shefler was in Athens for a report about extreme-right party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi). 

Gil Shefler after being attacked by Greek mob
The incident began around 8 p.m. on June 6/2012 when a group of about 20 masked men wielding batons started beating refugees, migrants and homeless people in the middle of the street.
“Police said they were not sure who was behind the attack. Sources said the culprits were either anarchists associated with Syriza, a farleft party, who may have been cracking down on alleged drug dealers and junkies, many of who are migrants and refugees; or members of Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi group, whose members are known to occasionally beat and stab foreigners.“The sad thing about the precarious situation here right now is that I cannot say with certainty whether my assailants were from the far Right or far Left, but it doesn’t matter,” he said.“In downtown Athens both often take the law into their own hands. When I saw the viciousness of the attack on people outside the museum using batons and sticks, I did my journalistic duty and snapped photos, and for that offense I was brutally beaten.”

The financial crisis has exacerbated already tense ties between citizens and migrants, leftists and rightists in Greece. Over the past several years neighborhoods such as Exarcheia have occasionally erupted in violence with clashes between various political factions, police and ethnic groups.” (JPost)

Video: JPost Athens/Golden Dawn Report in English
Golden Dawn didn’t want to give an interview to “people from Israel”? I remember when far-right extreme Israeli group Kach   didn’t want to give me an interview in the early 1990’s because I was representing German media lol … Far-Right extremists are the same around the world, I suppose…

Gil Shefler wrote down his impressions from his Athens experience and a society living in economic crisis and social tensions.

“This country is going through a hard time and its citizens have my empathy, but authorities need to know incidents like these do not inspire confidence,” Shefler said. “Clearly, there is a problem when mob violence can take place in broad daylight in the center of the capital. More must be done to protect Greek citizens, migrants and refugees, tourists and journalists, from the wave of violence on the streets.”

The Athens Municipality did not respond to several press inquiries on Wednesday. A press officer said there was no response because its email service had stopped working.” (source: Jerusalem Post)

PS Recently I had received an e-mail about the assault of another foreign reporter – from Switzerland – at Omonia Square in downtown Athens while he was trying to take pictures. Less than one kilometer away from the National Museum. However as there was lack of some important information details I couldn’t post the news.









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  1. It would be interesting to know exactly who the ‘sources’ were who said the culprits might be “anarchists associated with Syriza”. It’s news to me that any anarchists are associated with Syriza. Yet another case of certain elements inventing stuff about Syriza to discredit them?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      that’s a relative ‘old’ claiming after 2008 riots. Althought some of the party’s components are more left than the modest ones. I wouldn’t even know from the media here that anarchists crack down drug addicts and foreigners as the ‘source’ tells the foreign reporter who cannot but accept any claim he hears. If it difficult to have propper reporting by media people who do not know the realities here. But that’s how it is. BTW: wgat I read about syriza after the elections is beyong any fantasy – all in one pot, depending on the political stance of the media lol

  2. As black man I feel safe in exarchia, no one bothers me.

  3. Very frightening…..
    Scapegoating immigrants as a cause for Greece’s ill’s is born out of total ignorance. If you want to know why so many immigrants are here, look to the Greek employers who get fat on their backs. They search for these people and don’t hesitate to put money in their back pocket providing they work for less than half of a Greek man lowest wage and for twice as many hours. Notorious are the immigrant labour sought to pick strawberries at less than Greek minimum wage. Here locally they are used in preference to local Greek lads. Who are amongst these employers who use them to repair churches??? lay stones in streets ??? (courtesy EU grants) installing street and footpath lighting ??? Then there are Greek individuals who use them for building work, farm work looking after elderly sick people – all on the basis of beating them down to absolute minimum wage with no benefits. WHO ARE THOSE that employ them, those who receive no state help for housebound relatives and those seeking to cut costs to absolute minimum. Into the bargain they are persecuted – the minute a goat goes missing, a car is broken into, or any other misdemeanor they are the first place to point the finger and often by the very people who employed them to work long hours for peanuts. I dare to suggest that here in Crete the hospital support which immigrants supply cheaply is vital to many Greek families desperate for respite from demanding 24hour ongoing support required for a sick family member.

    • Same situation here in Rhodes.. Many places, hotels, tavernas ect, 80% are foreingers.. Paid for part time work, no IKA, no taxes paid either, in reality working full time.

      At the same time, 21% of the Greeks are without work.

      This is NOT the foreingers fault. But they are the ones who are gonna take the blame. Instead of hunting those damn employers down who are using slave labor…

  4. Exactly Molly Mason I agree 100%. Now, to be fair this phenomena is not only in Greece but Greece definitely has a long way towards tolerance.

    Thanks again to KTG for having the courage to print this and not cover it up or deny it as many Greek media outlets do.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      tolerance is fainting together with the incomes and work places. That’s normal mass reaction, I suppose.

  5. KTG, I’m not challenging you, just curious to see if you could explain further. Tolerance is a word I used to describe how people react to one another, not a medical tolerance of conditions imposed. Please google the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance to see what I mean in this situation.

    Tolerance: a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I explained a couple of days ago in comments section. still want the challenge? PS I have no time for this.

  6. I think there is a misunderstanding here. I was only asking about your comment, “tolerance is fainting together with the incomes and work places. That’s normal mass reaction, I suppose.”.

    I don’t remember seeing this in the comments section. My apologies if I missed it?

  7. Where is the video of the attack in Athens? All I see is footage from two weeks ago in patra.

  8. Tolerance is indeed being challenged and rightly so – everyone of us should be angry. Who amongst us can take huge drops in hard earned cash on pensions and weekly incomes without feeling despondent and frustrated. It is intolerable to have to cut down or go without vital medication necessary to maintain our health and how can those who have already paid their taxes cope with increasing demands. However it is necessary to define who is to blame and direct our protest in the right direction rather than lash out blindly against people who are in the same boat as us.