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DEH(PPC) Removes “Emergency Property Tax 2011” from Electricity Bills

Greece’s Public Power Company DEH announced that it has cut the emergency property tax 2011 from its bills and forwarded the unpaid taxes to local tax offices. As of May 1, 2012 the EPT can be directly paid at the tax office. The EPT has been taken out from the electricity bills on April 30, 2012 when the payment for EPT 2011 expired, says DEH in a statement released on June 7/12.

DEH consumers who paid the EPT after 30/4/12 will see the amount credited on their next electricity bills. If they do not want to wait for the return, they should call the DEH telephone number on their bills.

According to decision and guidelines of the Greek Finance Ministry, emergency property tax bills cannot be paid via PPC bills, four months after the expiration of the first installment.

Consumers can apply to be exempted, be charged with less money or even ask more installments directly at tax offices.

I cannot tell you exactly how the procedure will be for E.P.T. 2012, but I assume it will be similar.

Do not forget to pay your electricity bill including the municipality fees and taxes. Otherwise you will find yourself sitting in the dark and read newspaper under a romantic candle light…

Full DEH statement in Greek HERE.


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  1. Call me ‘thick’, but I don’t understand anything in this post. 😕
    *First: didn’t we pay the emergency property tax 2011 already?
    *Second: The payment for ERT is out of the DEH-bill. OK, that’s clear and in line with practices in some other countries. But are you really saying that this is from May 1st and nobody has thought up a way to get the ERT-levies payed??? 😕

    • keeptalkinggreece

      LOL maybe you did pay but many thousands did not! only the tax levy for 2011 was taken out. Still jet-lag?