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Athens: Pensioner Commits Suicide in the Middle of the Street

It was short before 7 o’ clock in the morning when the 75-year-old retired military man took his hunting rifle and left his home in the noble Kifissia suburb of north Athens. He walked some one hundred meters, set the rifle on the asphalt of the peaceful and picturesque street and pulled the trigger. He was immediately dead.

Neighbors, alarmed by the shot, rushed to the street to find the man in a lake of blood.

The man left a note saying that he was unable to cope with his debts and the economic crisis and gave instructions to his wife what to do with the family’s savings.

The man, a chemical engineer, was a retired army serviceman. He had two children.

Greece has recorded an increasing number of suicides since the beginning of the crisis two years ago. Some 2,000 people, the majority of them men, committed suicide in several parts of the country unable to cope with the pressure of debts and unemployment.




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