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Golden Dawn Candidate Threatens MPs with Physical Violence over Macedonia Name Dispute

During an election meeting of extreme-right Golden Dawn on Monday evening in Floisvos area in South Athens, candidate Ilias Panagiotaros threatened Greek MPs even with physical violence inside the Parliament, should they would open a debate on the issue of the naming dispute with FYROM.

“As a warning we will show them the ANT1 video and if they won’t get it, we will explain to them…, ” Panagiotaros stressed with a very clear by implied threat.

Concerning the health care sector and the social benefits, the candidate who aims to get a seat at the Greek Parliament said:

“If Chrysi Avgi enters the Parliament, it will storm hospitals and nurseries and throw on the streets the ‘illegal immigrants’ and their children to make place for Greeks.” (protothema, )

PS Stunned? Why? As long as the law allows political parties to openly threaten with violence or to make real-time punch-up to their emblem, where is the problem? Also democracies have shortcomings…

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  1. Maybe you should look into court yard of your brothers Serbs:
    and resolve the issues with “GD”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      sure, sure and I wonder how much it’d take for authorities to take the initiative.

  2. They would throw out children??? No. If they so strongly feel that immigrants should not be here then they should book their flights back home and round them up with the little dignity they have left!!! AND strenghthen the borders to make sure non enter the country! God forbid they enter the parliament!

    • There is actually a long queue of immigrants waiting for their tickets home (paid by the EU) and waiting for years because the Greek state cannot be bothered to process the applications properly.

      There is also a large amount of money (about 150m euros i think) allocated to Greece for immigration measures, and the Greek state has done nothing to use the money. The best they could think of, was giving the money to the husband of a pasok mafiosa to construct the Fence with Turkey, and the EU told them not to do so. It is a stupid idea, will not be financed by the EU, and the money will come out of Greek taxes now.

  3. Yes, the Greek government isn’t bothered about much I’m sorry to say, except to fill it’s bank accounts with blood money.