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Perama: One More Racist Attack Against Migrants – One Victim Hospitalized

An organized racist attack took place in the early morning hours of Tuesday, when a group of 20 people,  armed with iron bars, wooden sticks and batons stormed the home where migrants from Egypt have been living. The incident took place in the industrial suburb of Perama, in the southwest of Piraeus.

Private broadcaster Mega TV said that the attackers first beated up a man who was sleeping on the roof of the one storey house. They tried to storm the house four more migrants were sleeping, breaking windows and doors, also the cars of the family parked outside.

One of the victims was transferred to the hospital with serious injuries.

According to MEGA TV, eye-witnesses claimed that the attackers were wearing black blouses and some of them wore masks.

The migrants are from Egypt and work as fishermen. In the house were living one man, owner of a fish-shop,  his three brothers and one  shop-employee, report . They been living in Greece for quite some years.

A while after the attack, police detained 6 people at a nearby square.

Six people — five men and one woman — were being questioned by police on Tuesday morning over an attack on a group of migrants living in a home in the industrial suburb of Perama, southwest of Piraeus, in the early hours of the day.

According to police reports, the six suspects attacked the three migrants while they were asleep in the their home at 4 a.m., using bats and other makeshift weapons, and causing significant injuries to one of the victims.

All six suspects deny the charges (ekathimerini)

There is an increase of racist attacks in recent weeks in the area of Athens, as the issue of ‘illegal immigration’ and high crime topped the agenda of politicians ahead the elections.

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