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Athens: Unknown Attackers Punch Member of City Council, Destroy Communists’ Elections Stand

Incidents of politically motivated violence seem to increase as the country heads to June 17 elections. According to Greek media information, on Tuesday night, two men with a pitbull on the leash approached the elections stand of Greek communist party KKE and without a reason they threw water and orange juice at the microphones chanting “Communists, you will die.”

People at the square of Agia Paraskevi suburb of North Athens, started to move away from the many election stands there. Giorgos Tsimpoukakis, KKE member of the city council from a left party approached the men demanding explanation for the attack.

Immediately, the men started beating him on the face and the head. The injured and bleeding man fell on the ground while the men fled. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Mayor of Agia Paraskevi, Vasilis Zorbas, who was eye-witness of the incident, told news portal, that the two men were from extreme-right Chrysi Avgi and that the city counselor was beaten most probably with an iron fist.   

Injured Tsimpoukakis – picture

Also other eye-witnesses said that the men were carrying emblems of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn).

The news portal cites information according to which the two men had previously destroyed the elections stand of left-wing SYRIZA.

Police is seeking two men with motorbikes…

In a statement issued Wednesday morning, KKE condemns the attack and speaks of “fascistic attack carried out by thugs.”

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  1. Of course, what did you expect from these violent criminal thugs?

    The solution is very clear: the political party has to be banned, any police associated with it must resign or face prosecution, and the useless Greek justice system has to actually arrest people and imprison them when needed.

    Why do Greeks so often need to be told the bleeding obvious? Nazi parties are illegal in most of Europe, and it’s not as if Greeks didn’t suffer under the Nazi occupation.

  2. Golden Dawn is now the official scapegoat of Greece? Sure. Blame everything on GD. Are greeks THAT stupid to believe that all the violence is caused by GD? Wake up people. PASOK, ND and the red fools SIRIZA are EU puppets…

    • Yeah, ignore what’s going on before your own lying eyes, believe in conspiracy theories instead!
      Seriously, looking for excuses for right wing violence is the road to ruin for a democracy. Are you a sympathizer of those fascists, or why else do you defend them?

  3. Just like the stupid americans that believe republicans and democrats are different…

    • Well, to a degree, they ARE different. Just think of the “war on women”. It wasn’t the Dems who started this. However, indeed, those two heavyweight parties aren’t different enough, a vote for one of them can’t lead to real, systemic changes, that’s true. And that’s the big problem. Very difficult to solve this, since the US democractic system is biased towards the established parties and makes it very hard to challenge them (best can be done from within, watch the teabaggers). Even the weird Greek system, with the unfair 50 seat bonus, obviously is more open for a new group to rise to the top.

  4. John, that shows your ignorance of the American political landscape as they are distinctly different. Possibly not in their foreign policy as a whole when it comes to Greece, but then Greece is a small wart on a larger world. But certainly domestically as that is what interests American voters.

    • The “landscapes” are very much shaped by the different political systems, of course. In the US, it’s “the winner takes it all”, with the resulting focus on the candidates instead of the parties, and in Greece and most of Europe it’s parliamentary democracies, which ensures that a government also has a majority in the legislation. Both approaches have their pros and cons, but they sure are different “landscapes”.

  5. As long as McDonalds has 2 for 1 tuesdays, we can keep confusing the American voters. Remember, vote for Bush and get 2 cheeseburgers for the price of one.

    See, Tsipras should have coordinated with a well know souvlaki stand and maybe could get even more votes. Would you like that Souvlaki roasted with Syriza spicy sauce.

  6. This confuses me. We have 2-for-1 McD coupons here in Germany, too. Is this a conspiracy to help Merkel to stay in power?