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Eurogroup Teleconference on Greek Elections Night?

 The Finance Ministers of the Eurogroup are allegedly to plan a teleconference immediately after the results of the Greek elections on Sunday night, two EU diplomatic sources told AFP, reports Athens News Agency.

A teleconference Eurogroup meeting is expected to be held after the elections results are known on Sunday, but nothing has been definitely decided” one of the sources told AFP yesterday claiming that there must be “coordination” in case SYRIZA will emerge as first party.

Another diplocatic source confirmed today that the eurogroup ministers are ready to speak with each other via teleconfence. “This teleconference will have the specific target to coordinate the communication of the Eurogroup-members regarding the results of the Greek elections with the target to avoid making statements that they shouldn’t be done, something that has already occurred [in the past], the source noted.”

While the euro group teleconference is rather harmless, it makes the rounds across the Greek internet causing some trouble, anxiety and uncertainty. 


   Austrian FinMin on Communication Training

 Two EU-sources about the communication coordination of Eurogroup ministers? I imagine tiny men in oversized suits, overpaid for doing nothing than lurking for journalists in the dark corners of EU-corridors or Eurogroup-public toilets. Whispering confidential information, while they scratch their crusted ears or fish big green jellies from their noses. 

Dutch FinMin Getting Ready Too

Hypothetically speaking… That would be a nice surprise if SYRIZA would get 30% -then Eurogroup ministers would be speechless and would indeed need communication coordination and lots of salts, camphor, whisky, aspirins and tonnes of ice cubes against head-ache. 

Finn FinMin: Ready since long ago…

PS What did I recently read on Financial Times however on another occation of an EU-source telling Reuters about capital and border controls? “Tell the EU-source to shut up!” – Agree 100%.

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  1. This could be one for the Guinness book of records. “Greek election of a majority SYRIZA government results in shortest teleconference in history…”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      …as 16 EZ ministers faint during live conference

      • indeed. Clean nappies all around.

      • European ministers of finance have to be thick skinned and tough, or else they wouldn’t be able to do their job. One notable exception was Oskar Lafontaine in Germany, who left his job in horror after he realized that it isn’t fun at all (lost his nerves after thes than half a year). So, I don’t think the austerity battle hardened veterans of the Eurogroup will faint so easily, kt!

        Btw, that’s the Finnish minister of finances, kt? Whoa! I like her haircut and stylish appearance (apart from her bodily characteristics). Who says a minister can’t be a sexy woman, too? You, kt, of all people?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          yes, she is Jutta Ut…-something.Sexy? I think the whole noughty-girlie outfit looks rather cheap to my taste. pure aestetics & no politics motivated lol

        • Thick skin is one thing, but being thick-headed is quite a different matter.