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When Greek Voters Hold the World Destiny in their Hands, the Dilemma is: Doomsday-Salvation, Left-Right, Drachma-Euro

Athens. Friday, June 15, 2012. Six o’ clock in the afternoon. Two days before the elections. I am sitting in front of my pc. The sun is shining with full power on the walls of my office. A fan fights to get me a breath. The cat insists on laying on my naked feet. Like a hot-water bottle. I am trapped between sun and cat, with the thermometer showing 35 degrees Celsius, in the shadow.

I am trapped between sun and cat, political and financial dilemmas. I am horrified as well. Me, a humble Greek journalist and blogger, yes, me. I am horrified because I am holding the destiny of this world in my hands. With my vote on upcoming Sunday.

I could have never imagined in my whole life that I would be so important that I would and could decide over the fate of million of people around the world. Yes, me.  Greek citizen, journalist, anonymous blogger. Left-handed by birth.

What do they want from me?

If I have to believe what frenzied media, threatening rating agencies, panicked bankers, horrified Eurozone officials, warning black-mailing  EU governors, furious pro-bailout and raging anti-bailout politicians, broke marketers and greedy speculators from inside and outside Greece, as attractive sirens and doomsday-predicting Kassandras try to infiltrate into my brain these days… I must say “Yes!” I do indeed believe that I am the most important person in the world. A world that I could bring to collapse with my single vote on Sunday.

I am horrified by the load of my responsibility. But I am also flatterned to see all these powerful men and women engaged in a struggle to convince me which party to vote for.

This political, financial and media world I mention above, is been caught by an devastating mass hysteria. In fact since quite some time. On 24/7-tract.

Tsipras: Doomsday Rider of 21st Century

Yes, the world we know will fall apart. Not on 12.12.12. as the Mayas predicted. But on 18.06.12. The day when the impact of my single but powerful vote will be revealed to the mankind. 

An Armageddon will hit the markets, a Dragon will spit fire from the capital of a country in central Europe and a huge tsunami will sweep away the bank deposits of millions of small savers.

It’s is also possible the Earth will be derailed, even thought some scientists express serious doubt on this scenario.

The beast, riding on his apocalyptic horse, will annihilate the established world we know with his swinging sword…

All this would happen, only in case I pick up the wrong ballot paper on Sunday.

All this would happen, if my left-hand won’t pick the right, pro-bailout parties ballot papers of Nea, Dimocratia or PASOK.

All this would happen, should my left-hand follow its natural-born instinct and vote …left: SYRIZA and “the most dangerous man in Europe” as German Der Spiegel characterized Alexis Tsipras.

…and My Vote Goes…?

Being a responsible citizen who does not want to be blamed for causing the 21st Century Revelation, I sat down yesterday and tried to contemplate on my vote.

Should I vote for PASOK? Hm… wasn’t it the party that governed Greece for almost 30 years, “legalized” corruption and bribes and loaded me with a huge debt? Wasn’t it the party that took me to the bailout? The party that had me directly and indirectly lose my job, cut my pension, deprived me from medicine, left my children without books and charged me with taxes I do not have the money to pay? While it left its trade unionists and voting clients untouched or little harmed by the austerity? While I was left behind like a squizzed lemon half without unemployment support? Plausibly thinking, I would say “Yes, it was.”

Should I vote for ND? Hm… Wasn’t it the party that increased our national debt to astronomic sizes for earth standards? Wasn’t it the party that also promoted its voters, and had its officials ‘eat with golden spoons, in the last five years it was in power? Isn’t it the party that terrorizes me from morning till the evening during the last four weeks that if I won’t vote for it, I will have to pay my next rent in devalued Drachmas? Isn’t it the party that threatens my sick mother with medicine shortage, where my mother is not able to buy them anyway-, my father with pension evaporation while his cut pension does not eligible him to a descent life?  or My brother with fuel shortage, while he has gave up his car because he can’t afford to pay vehicle tax, insurance and fuel? Isn’t it the party that signed the second bailout and the PSI that cut my small investment in Greek bonds into half? Yes, that’s the party. And furthermore I hate when people and parties are in shortage of arguments and in abundance of terrorizing methods in order to get my support.

Should I vote for SYRIZA? Hm… Isn’t it the party that hasn’t be in power yet and it could be worth trying? Isn’t it the party supported by many former PASOK voters/unionists for some ‘certain’ and for me suspicious reason? Isn’t it the party that that wants to hire more personnel in the public sector, while I believe the Greek public sector has to be trimmed down? The party that does not fully convince me it is able to guarantee that I won’t see my savings vanish in the air through some spontaneous and impulsive actions? Yes, it is.

To Vote or Not To Vote

Should I better vote for some small “pro-bailout”, “contra-bailout” or “I-can’t-tell-you-yet”, parties that could play an important role in the formation of a coalition government, much needed in the country?

Should I deny all the parties my vote or just take up my responsibility and cast a valid vote?

I know that I will have to make a compromise. These June 17 elections are “historical elections”, after all.

I still have good 36 hours to decide. For sure I know for sure what I want:

a coalition government to secure control among partners and a strong government with 60%+ of the votes that will demand re-negotiation of the terms of the Loan Agreement with a powerful mandate from the public.

If I make a compromise, also our politicians would have to too. For the shake of our country, as they praise all of the time. Will they?

I do not know whether my vote on Sunday is damned to bring bad luck anyway to people from China to Mexico,  from Norway to Egypt and especially to people from Finland to Cyprus, and from Spain to Germany,  for one more reason: because I cast it with my left hand 🙂

PS There is talk that should SYRIZA win the elections, there will be of a secret meeting of Tsipras with representatives of Ninja fighters and intergalactic Little Green Men on Monday morning. But, please, do not spread the word. It’s a secret.

 I can’t provide links to Greece’s doomsday scenarios and threats due to time shortage. Just google it. You will be stunned!


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  1. I think that Syriza is worth a try. Of course, I don’t agree with everything, as you do (and that could be the very same points 😉 ), but as for the other partis, I surely know what will happen !
    Someone very smart said once “you don’t solve problems with peoples who caused them”, and that’s true !
    let’s see what will happens !


  2. KTG you rock! I’m part Greek – which has horrified most Greeks for the past 20 years that I’ve been living here because I’m not pure Greek – but I also feel a little bit of pride that even though our country has been used and abused as an experiment, we’re still in the position to take down the entire EU – and God forbid the rest of the western world 😉 I can’t vote, I’m an allodopon, and until recently, a “lathromatanasti” – disgusting word. I know that you’ll do whatever you can for the greater good even though you haven’t been supplied with the best alternatives. Just please, keep talking!

  3. Torn between voting to save your savings (pro-bailout party) or between voting for a free Greece (anti-bailout party), must be quite a difficult decision. Not to worry, millions of other Greeks are considering their pensions as well, and will no doubt vote for more of the status quo of greed and capitalism. Ironically though, nobody has yet to inform them that even if they vote for pro-bailout parties their pensions will be just as well and truly screwed. A global economic problem can’t be solved by one bailout.

    The end of capitalism ‘as we know it’ is here as the world continues to become drowned in debt. Portugal and Spain are not far behind. The sooner people get used to that concept and plan their futures accordingly, the better it will be for every working man and woman who deserves better then to be enslaved by debt through a system of Capitalism that cares more about generating profit for banks and governments then alligning with the needs and wants of humanity.

  4. voting in greece now is like being in a torture chamber and beeing offered the choice to pick the device you want. would you like the rack or the hot poker. perhaps sir would like to try the whipping post.

  5. Move…or be moved.

  6. We in the U.S. also know of stinky political bad tasting medicine. Last election was McCain or Obama. YUCK! Even when you hold your nose, it still tastes/smells bad.

  7. André from Brazil

    This world is rotten. Here in Rio starts the eco-conference for nothing. I agree with fx “you don’t solve problems with peoples who caused them”. Try SYRIZA!

  8. A man I worked with once told me (during the “good ol’days” of 2007) that logic really has nothing to do with who gets voted into power in Greece. The person that wins is the one Greeks would like to swear at for the next four years!

    Tsipras will very likely be the next GAP. Either that or he will do something very stupid in which case he might be [we do not do such things here in KTG] !!

    There is still a significant part of the population that still likes to romanticise political leaders in Greece, even in this day and age! So Tsipras, (who I personally think is an idiot, I say it and he hasn’t even won the election yet!) will likely be put on a pedestal the way other useless politicians of Greece’s past have been.

    No matter who wins, I predict it will be a pro-bailout coalition.

    • You think Tsipras is an idiot but not Samaras or Papandreou?

      Do they have IQ tests where you come from?

      • Just because I did not mention Samaras or GAP as idiots doesn to mean I think otherwise. Did I say that you weren’t one?

    • He’s very far from an idiot !
      What he did the last few year doesn’t repose on it’s ony speech capabilities !
      He’s very smart indeed (as are all people from Athamanio 😉 ) !


  9. KTG – thanks for all your coverage on this. It has been invaluable.

    As for your vote, (I’m non Greek, non-voting, non-European) I urge you not to vote for Syriza.

    I think it would be a grave mistake that would lead to years of misery for your wonderful country.

    Just my thoughts.

    Best of luck

  10. What a lyrical and political analysis at the Same Time! As a German Citizan i Feal a Deep and yet far Solidarity with all Greeks who are determined to get rid of the Old corrupted Parties of Pasok and Nd! Although our government Hopes that nd wins i believe that the left had enough and will vote for syriza so that the left side of europe has the answer of Solidarity! You are Not Alone! El pueblo jamas Sera vencido! We can make a difference!

  11. KTG, very astute comments.. Now, for contrast, your colleague at Kathimerini is portraying us in different light in the Roman Empire’s top press:

  12. Take down the entire Europe. This dirty world has to come to an end. Save Greece, save Europe, save everyone. Vote for Syriza ando go out of the eurozone. This occasion won’t be repeated.
    Don’t listen to the idiots who hate Tsipras. They think it’s possible to go on exploiting greek people.

  13. Great post KTG, and indeed not an easy question to answer for those living the nightmare every day. All you can do is rely on the one thing subsequent gangs of self-serving politicians have been so sadly lacking, i.e a conscience..

  14. If it wasn’t for the indoctrination that the word “communist” means evil, I think KKG would of done very well in this election. The Communist Manifesto published in 1848 by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx was a masterpiece of it’s time.

    Taken from Wikipedia:

    The Communist Manifesto (Das Kommunistische Manifest), originally titled Manifesto of the Communist Party (German: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei) is a 1848 publication written by the German Marxist political theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It has since been recognized as one of the world’s most influential political manuscripts.

    The first chapter of the Manifesto, “Bourgeois and Proletarians”, examines the Marxist conception of history, with the initial idea asserting that “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”. It goes on to say that in capitalism, the working class, proletariat, are fighting in the class struggle against the owners of the means of production, the bourgeois, and that past class struggle ended either with revolution that restructured society, or “common ruin of the contending classes”.

    It continues by adding that the bourgeois exploits the proletariat through the “constant revolutionising of production [and] uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions”.

    The Manifesto explains that the reason the bourgeois exist and exploit the proletariat with low wages is private property, “the accumulation of wealth in private hands, the formation and increase of capital”, and that competition amongst the proletariat creates wage-labour, which rests entirely on the competition among the workers.

    This section further explains that the proletarians will eventually rise to power through class struggle: the bourgeoisie constantly exploits the proletariat for its manual labour and cheap wages, ultimately to create profit for the bourgeois; the proletariat rise to power through revolution against the bourgeoisie such as riots or creation of unions. The Communist Manifesto states that while there is still class struggle amongst society, capitalism will be overthrown by the proletariat only to start again in the near future; ultimately communism is the key to class equality amongst the citizens of Europe.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      communist = evil? because we did not mention a party that rejects any government cooperation and supports a 100% euro exit at any cost? tsk ts tsk
      If you would be fair enough you should also copy-paste a fascist manifesto, a patriotism manifesto and all possible manifestos applying to all Greek parties rallying for these elections. Ever wondered why the KKE is hitting the parliament bottom even thought it could have increased its rates due to the economic crisis?

      As admin of a blog I can say: there are always extremely painstaking readers, that they will fish even a hole from the water.

      • KKE is the only party that doesn’t support the corrupt decaying system of Capitalism. When Spain, Portugal and Italy are exactly in the same crisis as Greece, what do you suggest is the solution KTG?

        Come back in 2 years when Capitalism still doesn’t have the answers your looking for and we’ll see who’s eating who’s hat then…

        KKE Statement regarding non-commitment in Government

        The KKE has made it clear that it will not be complicit in a government, even if it has a “left” label, which will operate within the framework of the interests of the bankers, industrialists, ship-owners, and other sections of capital. It will not be complicit in the implementation of the anti-people strategies of the European Union and the crimes of NATO.

        Journalists and politicians who attack the party every hour of the day and every day of the year show a touching and belated concern regarding this proud stance and wonder whether its is because allegedly “The KKE does not want to govern”, seeking to “herd” the party of the working class into managing the system of exploitation.

        Of course, the communists understand the anxiety of the workers in their search for governmental solutions under the pressure of the enormous problems that they face, but we say this to them: If the workers follow the path of “crumbs from the table”, the path which seeks “mercy” and “alms” from the EU and capital, i.e. the path being proposed by SYRIZA with the left government, then the capitalists and their union, the EU, will hammer us in the years to come.

        The KKE says to the workers that they must struggle for their contemporary needs, in a comprehensive way for a different organization of society. So, even when we are not fully victorious we will be able to prevent the worst and make some gains. On this basis it asks the workers to resist the current of the bipolar system, of the “centre-right” or “centre-left” government, because the entrapment in solutions to manage the system will impede the creation of the pre-conditions for real radical changes, It will delay for a lengthy period the real solution that can lead to the satisfaction of the people’s needs, And the real solution is determined by the struggle for working class-popular power, for the disengagement of the country from the EU, for the abolition of the memoranda and all the anti-people measures, for the unilateral cancellation of the debt.

        At the same time the “left” forces accuse the KKE of postponing the solution of the people’s problems to socialism, or as they say to the … “second coming”! And the reason is that the KKE rejects the participation in a government, which, according to them, will “relieve“ the working people. Of course, those who falsely claim that the KKE postpones everything to the future forget that the communist men and women, are every day in the front line of the struggle regarding all the people’s problems in the workplaces, the people’s neighbourhoods, in the trade unions, with the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME), which constitutes the class oriented pole of the trade unions in Greece, as well as with other trade union and mass organizations of the poor farmers , the poor intermediate strata, the women, the youth. The KKE fights inside the parliament in this direction, utilizing the power that the people provide it in the elections.

        The KKE presents the working people with its political proposal for a pro-people way out from the capitalist crisis, its clear position on the withdrawal from the EU and NATO with people’s power, while it underlines that there are no easy solutions.

        The path of rupture, the path of confrontation requires sacrifices which nonetheless lead to the people’s prosperity. The path of compromise and submission that the centre-left and the “governmental left” are preaching requires constant sacrifices without a positive prospect for the people.

        Of course it is obvious that the class enemies, i.e. the ship-owners, the bankers, and the industrialists, are disturbed by the solution proposed by the KKE. They would prefer a KKE assimilated into the system, a KKE which would be a “plaything” in their hands, a communist “spice” in a left government! Because then they could say: “do not complain! Do not protest! Do not go on strike! Do not demand anything! You are in the government now! Take part in the management of the system! Now we have brought you to heel!”

        But they cannot subjugate the KKE. They will not erase the hope of the government of the workers’ and people’s power. That is why their main goal in these elections is to reduce the power of the KKE , because they cannot subjugate it.

        The KKE will go against the current of the false hopes that SYRIZA fosters in these elections although it knows that this might affect its electoral results. Nevertheless, the communists, the members of KNE, the leftwing people, the radical people and the conscious people as a whole, the people who know that the KKE is a party with principles, a consistent party, a party for all seasons, that will be with the people in the frontline of the struggle, will fight persistently and decisively until the very end. Because the KKE is the people’s rock and the hope for the people’s struggle after the 17th June.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          an EU reform more more democracy and control of those ruling it. Unfortunately KKE favors a system that was applied and died long ago.

          • Incorrect KTG, historically true communism has never been applied yet. Most forms of communism were a cruel form of totalitarian communism with no democracy, Governed from the elitist rather then the worker force being in control. As I said before, the word communism has become so distorted throughout history and nothing like what Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx had envisioned.

            I don’t think the EU can be reformed, you saw yourself that the police force will be willing to do anything to preserve the status quo.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            and what makes you believe that (ex-Moskau-devoted) KKE would apply the ideal form of communism?

  15. at least the KKE got some new material over the last years, as I was getting bored with the “Exo oi Baseis” blah-blah during the 70-80s.

  16. keeptalkinggreece

    LAST WARNING: Can some of you refrain from ef-,a- and bi-words? From now on I will delete the whole comments instead of just the words that do not rime with me aesthetics.

    • This what I have noticed in America too. Debate is no longer possible without name calling. You will never persuade anyone by calling them names. I do not remember this years ago.

      What ever happened to: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”?

      • keeptalkinggreece

        I defend freedeom of speech rights, unless f-words are used against other readers. They can do it on their blogs, websites and toilets.

  17. After having given this some thought, I’d probably end up casting a vote strictly against (sustained) clientelism/corruption. I.e. putting aside any and all scare mongering wrt. euro collapse etc., perhaps give change a chance on your national level.

  18. I’m a half-Greek half-British retired Church of England priest, appalled at the way western Europeans and North Americans have slid into the assumption that economic growth, accompanied by ever-increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, are inevitable and desirable. Democratic governments wash their hands of responsibility while they blame ‘the market’ for increasing unemployment and poverty. The present crisis will continue until governments realise that there are better ways to govern. Instead of promoting economic growth regardless of who benefited, they should have made sure everybody’s needs were met. There is no shortage of money to pay off the debts. It’s just in the wrong places. It needs to be redistributed. The biblical book of Deuteronomy (as Marx knew) said all debts were to be cancelled every seven years.
    So I’m hoping the Greeks will once again bring democracy to Europe, by electing a government which will stand up to the big money bullies. A few days ago they rushed through a bail-out for Spain, specially to set an example to the Greeks, and it’s already failing. The next one will fail too. Things will get worse until one government or other repudiates this nonsense. It could be Greece.

  19. I found this BBC piece very interesting:

    Especially the historical prospective on Syriza.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s interesting when foreginer try to undestand Syriza. 🙂

      • The BBC reports on Greece are so amateurish and clueless that it is embarrassing. I didn’t click the link, but I see BBC world on satellite tv.

        • I found it interesting that many Syriza members originally came from KKE, and even “Alexis Tsipras” was involved in the Communist Youth of Greece. Now it seems the “drop-out” KKE members which are Syriza change their political views every 2 weeks or so, about as consistent as a spoilt teenage brat.

          Only a revolution can save Greece now, as to tell the Greek people that a Capitalist system can be “fixed” is giving blind hope to sheep ready to be slaughtered. After Syriza has brought misery to the people, let thy revolution begin!

          History tells us that around 508 BC Greece brought Democracy to the world, so is society ready to make another quantum leap, or have Greeks already been too humiliated after false hope after false hope to be inventive and try something new that will change the world for the better.

  20. Many dilemmas have been posed to the Greek voters by political pundits, politicians, political parties, the troika and others. They include among others; either dogmatic austerity or exit from the Euro zone,either rescue or catastrophe, either Euro or Drachma,and either pro-memorandums or against the memorandums. These dilemmas have been put forward to mainly distract, polarize, shock, and frightened the Greek people. Professional politicians use slogans and dilemmas to avoid taking about their plans to get Greece out of its dire economic straits.

  21. No matter which party you chose, by going to cast your vote you at least you act like a responsible citizen. That’s much better than all those non-voters who still complain about everything without even trying to improve something! All the best for today, kt. And don’t worry too much – no matter how the election goes, the sun will still rise tomorrow (and the cat will probably lie on your feet again).

  22. turned on the radio this morning, and was pleasantly suprised not to hear military music on the radio, so that’s a good start (LOL)…

    • LOL? Guess so… But seeing a live handgranate lying in the courtyard of SKAI/Kathimerini on TV is a very sobering sight.