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Three More Attacks Against Migrants in Athens and Crete

Three more most probably racism-motivated attacks took place in Greece in the last 24 hours. In Crete, a migrant, 25, from Egypt was attacked in the early morning hours of Tuesday at Talos Square in the old city of Chania. Two attackers beat the man with wood and iron sticks. The attackers fled, while the unlucky man was taken to the hospital.

There, the doctors had to remove one of his kindeys due to severel damage.

The incident followed an attack against two Algerian migrants in Nea Chora area of Chania. A group of attackers injured the homeless migrants on Saturday night. They were hospitalized.

Shocking Video

 A shocking video was uploaded on Greek internet on Monday. The video shows a group of youth stabbing a migrant from Pakistan at the urban train/metro  station “Attiki” in downtown Athens on Sunday night.

At one point, one hears an attacker asking “Did you stab him?” and another one answering “The knife went right through him.” At another point the man shouts ‘Help” while his attackers urge him to “shut up”.

A train/metro security guard just passes by, without showing any interest at the stabbing….

The footage was filmed via the camera of a mobile phone, while the man was pretending to chat with a friend.

Attacks against migrants have dramatically increased in the last weeks, with one part of the Greek society to ‘approve’ them as a measure to combat illegal immigration and crime, and another part to condemn them but unable to react due to …fear?

So far no public debate about these attacks has taken place. Neither by politicians nor by media.

When such phenomena will take place just around our corner, it will be too late to be taken under control. Then the tolerance to violence can reach uncontrolled dimensions one day.  

Citizens feel unprotected from criminals’ attackes, the state is absent and the scapegoat is easy to locate.



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  1. So, why have a security guard there? What’s the purpose I wonder?

  2. hey, i was being sarcastic. So, they have guards that do not protect the public, and allow a person to be knifed right near them. Absoultely disgraceful and I hope someone in Greece is bothered by this and does something.

  3. Also, was the african person in Orange in the beginning of the video the victim? I was not clear on that part?

  4. Well this is a clear sign why greece went bankrupt in first place.

    If a guard dont do its job what do u expect from the other people

    Lets face it greek are lasy who have lived for 50 years with the money of the west because of its strategic position.

    Guess what global politics have changed now so greece position is not relevant .

    The crasy part is that grece takes on the imigrants now the same imigrants that build most of grecce thanks to their slave work
    They did works that greek people didnt want to do and this is what they take.

    Let makes thinks clear i am against illegal imigration but they are people for crist sake they have rights so they should have a human treatment.

    But what u expect from a country which is the onlyone in european union that doesnt recognise its minorities and their rights.

    Fate is has an irony now now greek are the first slave people in europe there is no way that greece can pay back its dept
    A country without natural resorses and human potential is destined to fail.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      let’s start with the spelling of the word C-H-R-I-S-T

    • Well, I too get angry when people refuse to do their jobs properly. It is a big problem in Greece,.

    • Slavery might be the main reason lots of idiots still believe that philhellenic nonsense Greece being the cradle of democracy or democracy equals slavery anyway.
      Cowardly douchbags who carry knives should get deported to Mars.

  5. Racism and immigrant violence out of control in Greece and no one cares

  6. KTG, don’t shoot the messenger regarding Yellow’s comments. He is absolutely right. But, the first step to fixing this is admitting Greece has a serious problem with racism and violence towards immigrants is escalating and the authorities are doing NOTHING…Some serious naval gazing needs to be done by Greeks regarding this.

    You yourself said in the post as much, that no one is debating this etc, so it will take good Greek people like you to lobby your government to do something. Remember, as a smart man once said, it only takes good men (and women I add) to do nothing for evil to succeed.

    What will it take, for an American/British tourist of color to be attacked and then the US/British Embassies puts the final nail in the coffin of Greek tourism by telling Westerners to avoid Greece.

    If someone is committing a crime arrest them, illegals included, but why to attack a random person because your Greek and angry because of some perception that foreigners are the cause.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      ” a clear sign that Greece went bankrupt is because a guard does not do his job”? please…
      What we seem to forget in the illegal immigration issue is the huge rings of human traffickers that make mountains of black money out of the plight of poor people, who might had better chances at least for a descent life together with their families back home after all. Is it descent life for economic refugees to live 15 persons in 20 square meters without hygienic facilities and proper food and be exposed to all possible threats by the rings that hold them under control? Furthermore they pay lots of money (2,000+ euro) to human traffickers to get them to the land of their dreams. Where do they get the money from for the promised-land ticket?
      just a couple of thoughts to a problem that will never find a solution (neither with border fences, nor with laws or migrants camps) unless living and economic conditions in poor countries get better. And I do not hear any sign from the EU/IMF on this direction.

      • I can’t believe you are trying to justify this attack! Not only should the attackers be arrested, but the security guard, too. He could have called for back-up if he were afraid of his life. Often these cowards run at the first sign of defence. I live in Athens and I know the poverty and degredation at first hand, but nothing – I repeat nothing – can ever justify a mob attack on anyone. What kind of society do you want?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          I by no means justify this attack. especially if you read what I wrote on the post. That I mention the many aspects of the illegal immigration problem does not mean I support the attack. this is unbelievable.

      • KTG: it is not so simple/ First, the actual extent of trafficking into Greece is not high: it is not like Italy, where the Nigerian mafia are making a fortune out of destroying girls’ lives. Here, it is much more about smuggling — mainly via Turkey and a lot of people either fleeing war or poverty or are in personal danger in their country.

        The people organising smuggling are usually not making so much either; they are various ethnic gangs across the Middle East, operating over borders and paying Greek, Turks, private citizens, police, etc. They collect their fees often in installments, post hoc. Obviously, their business is in crisis now — like everyone else’s.

        besides, the issue here is not whether people have legal papers or not. Many of the people attacked or killed recently were legal immigrants, who had factory jobs for years here. Greek people until recently was unique in Europe in not caring about skin colour: now this is the basic criterion of racial hatred and targeting by Chryssi Avgi. Far from taking Greece back to the time of Metaxas, as they ludicrously claim, they are taking Greece to a new and violent era which has no parallel in its past.

        So the situation with immigrants in Greece (and also in Spain, Italym Portugal etc) has to be managed. The Greek state is doing a terrible job. In Spain and Portugal, for example, they were extending residence permits to immigrants without work, so that they could remain legal. Here, they told them to fuck off — and many have lost their legal status.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          have you seen all these black girls near Omonia/Evripidu street?

          • Yes, they are mostly Nigerians. But they are few: Italy is overrun with them, along with Nigerian mafia. I was discussing this a few years ago with ministry officials, and they agreed that Greece has no real problem yet. It still doesnt: the biggest problem is asylum seekers left to fend for themselves in central Athens.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            is the point to define which country has the biggest problem? I was shocked some years ago to have to walk down that area even at day time. hardly a Greek around… Neither the state nor the mayors of Athens did anything to cope with this problem. And here we have the fruits of such missing policies: rise of extre-right Chrysi Avgi, stabbing of migrants right in the middle of the street ( see my other reports) or in metro stations with people standing by. Hardly anyone reacts or calls the police. and this is the symptom of a deeply frustrated suffering society that is pleased to find an easy scapegoat.

          • KTG, to be fair to the Greeks, think about it. If someone did call the police, are you sure that the Xrisi Avgi would not mete out some form of instant justice on that person, even a Greek? People are afraid, but yes, maybe someone could discretely leave the scene and call the police, or video tape it like this kind person did even though he should practice videotaping as the view off a bit, but hey I’m not complaining cuz he tried.

          • This was not the point, indeed. The point is that countries on the periphery of Europe are the most vulnerable to irregular migration flows, and have to deal with it. They don’t – largely because the state in all of these countries is a mix of corrupt and useless.

            There are millions of euros allocated to Greece by the EU to help with processing refugee applications, repatriating those who wish to return to their home country, housing and feeding asylum applicants and espeically children and families…

            And Greece does nothing. Apart from building a fence to hand money over to the husband of a Pasok mafiosa.

            So, don’t blame the immigrants or the EU: the primary problem is the Greek state.

          • Why is Nigeris poor ? They are the biggest oil producers in Africa.

          • Corruption of the state and general mismanagement. The same would happen in Greece with oil — which the Greeks appear not to understand.

  7. @Unbelieveable, although I agree with all of what you say, I do NOT believe KTG supports the attack, but I do think she could write a stronger rebuke of these racist groups possibly and maybe bring this up with her government contacts to take this seriously. Why haven’t the major channels addressed this?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      a stronger rebuke? there are countless organised civic orgs in Greece for the rights of migrants. Where are they?

  8. Who are these rights groups you talk about. I know only of one called Helsinki watch or something like that.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      there several local groups here as well, mostly supported by left parties.

      • There are VERY few in Greece. Maybe there are some fake ones, that just take money, that I have not heard of. If that is so, then you have your answer.

  9. The security guy at the beginning of the video talks with one of the attackers. In greece, a lot of persons working as security guards or policemen have close ties with neo-nazi or extreme right groups