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Slowly But Gradually Greeks Get Cabinet-Ministers: Rapanos Finance Minister, Avramopoulos…

Greek media reported that Samaras, Venizelos and Kouvelis have agreed upon the majority of the ministers to be apppointed. For some ministerial posts, appointments were delayed as the chosen-ones did not accept the positions.

Vasssilis Rapanos will be Finance Minister, with alternate ministers Giorgos Zannias (caretaker FinMin in Pikrammenos gov’t),  Staikouras (for state expenditure), -no name yet- (for state revenues).

Foreign Minister: Dimitris Avramopoulos (career diplomat, ex Athens mayor ND)

Defense Minister: Panos Panagiotopoulos (ex journalist, ND)

Interior Minister: Evripidis Stylianidis (ND)

Tourism Minister: Olga Kefalogianni (ND)

Health Minister: A. Lykourentzos (ND)

Maritime: Kostas Mousouroulis (?)

Citizens’ Protection: Nikos Dendias (ND)

Justice: Antonis Rupakiotis (from DemLeft )

Administration Reform: Ant. Manitakis (from DemLeft) 

Education & Culture: K. Arvanitopoulos (?)

Agricultural Development: Ath. Tsftaris (?)

See below for the link that takes you to the full and revised cabinet list


Finance Minister Vassilis Rapanos – (ex chairman of National Bank of Greece, ex chairman of Greek Bankers’ Association)

Should the government be sworn-in today, Rapanos would not take an oath today, as caretaker FinMin Zannias represents Greece at the Eurogroup meeting today in Brussels.

The post will be updated when the government officially announced.



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  1. So far only one woman in the cabinet 🙁

  2. hahaha, these are the “reliable people” ! Of course, in one sense we know exactly what they are like, so we can reply absolutely on them to fuck up Greece again.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      don’t wanna spoil your game, but you write much too many eF-words here. Get a dictionnary

      • My thesaurus has only one word for what is being done to Greece. Obviously, it is not a nice word, but it is appropriate. Language should follow reality.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          check for synonyms. and blog-administrators should follow their delete-instict as well.

    • From what ktg wrote, this looks rather like a team of fresh actors. That would be good, there’s at least the chance that they won’t screw up Greece even more badly than the old guard. Do you actually recognize any of these names from former governments? Imho you’re protesting too much. Less contrarianism and more facts, please.

  3. Hang on. Aren’t these exactly the same people who lied and cheated your country into the mess you are in?

    That is sad. It is also hilarious. Perhaps Greek people really are as stupid as the German papers keeps saying. I didn’t believe it at all. But this is remarkable. No?

    • Are they? I’ve got a lousy memory for names, Ken, but to me this looks like a team with many new cheaters and liars.

      • No, they are all well known to me; a veritable gaggle of crooks, has-beens and hangers-on. Most of them are in old age — and obviously are the ideal young blood that Greece needs.

        Well done, Merkel: you have $%^&ed Greece yet again!

        (Special synonym for KTG owner)

    • Do not blame the Greek people for the stupidity of the Germans. These crooks were not elected, but Greeks were coerced into voting for Samaras. Merkel is directly and personally responsible for this.

      The problem actually is that the German people allow their country to be run by crooks who then put crooks into other countries.

      • You may not like the result of the elections, you are entitled to, but please stop saying that any voters were coerced into anything. Greece may be in a terrible state but we are not a banana republic yet. Nobody forced anybody to vote for anyone in the last election. This isn’t the post WW2 Soviet Union.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          you can’t say that either. Remember all this euro vs drachma panic making from morning till late at night?

          • That was a choice the public made. It was a difficult choice but there was a reasonable alternative, that the majority rejected. To call it coercion is to disrespect democracy.

        • It’s difficult to know whether you are intellectually or morally challenged. Either way, you are talking crap.

  4. No Pasok guy so faR? Looks like Venizelos was serious when he was talking about reforming the party. I’m surpriseed he even managed to keep that position greedy loudmouth Chrysochoidis out of government. Good. Greece doesn’t need any old pretenders now, but new talents.

  5. No one from PASOK ?

  6. Phil, I think you need to get a lesson Greek Democracy filarako.. Please google Mr. Panos financial crisis Greece to hear a message regarding your comment. Mr. Panos is an expert on telling non philhelenes where to go.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      let him find it, I think Panos is awful, real yuck, and bad publicity for Greece

  7. Well, I hope you know KTG that Mr. Panos is not real. His real name is Yannis Pappas and he’s a Greek American comedian who made the whole act up. In fact, I’ve read that some heavy hitters may be making a movie in the near future (with a Greek-American theme like Big Fat Greek wedding) with Mr. Panos having a prominent role. In an interview that I saw and easily googled, he said, he gets more entertained by people believing he’s real, but he’s a stereotypical character of all the Greek people he’s met in his life (Most in the USA).

    • keeptalkinggreece

      that’s why he is not sterotypical for Greeks in Greece.

      • Exactly, he is stereotypical of Greeks in the USA.

        • But in every stereotype there lies some truth, and the Greeks of the USA have much in common with the Greeks of everywhere.

          • Actually Mr. Panos, Sotiris (another Greek-American Comedian), Jimmy Santis (and still another Greek-American Comedian), and Angelo Tsarouchas (Greek-Canadian Comedian) are not just popular in the USA, but in all the English language countries. I had the pleasure of meeting Angelo at an airport in Athens one time and he jokingly said that the only country in the world where people didn’t find his work funny was Greece! Most hyphenated Greeks can laugh at themselves because in those countries, people don’t take themselves as seriously as most Greeks in Greece do.

          • So true. I heard Simitis hated “My Big Fat greek Wedding”.

          • Well, to quote Mr. Panos, the ones who don’t like him are probably the most like him and see theirselves in him, so maybe deep down Mr. Simitis is a Mr. Panos in hiding (LOL)…..

          • keeptalkinggreece

            mama mia! ps go shaving my mustache just to avoid looking like mr panos.

  8. Every one hears and reads how strong and orderly Germany is.

    If you look under the carpet their strength and order comes from keeping a lot of their population on hunger salaries.

    Germany says that their unemployment is one of the lowest in Europe, not really when almost 30% of the workforce is working for the famous 400 Euro jobs. Yes 400 Euros per month. Or Minijob as they also call it.

    Besides this half the workforce in factories and hotels and many others places employ what they call Azubis (Ausbildung Arbeiter) Apprentiships. These Azubis work a normal full shift of 40 hours per week and earn 30% of the wage a full time employee would earn.

    These Azubis have to sign a contract to work for the same place for 3 years and at the end of this term they are not even guaranteed a place in the work place they have signed up with.

    So what happens is the Employers get rid of the Azubis after the end of their 3rd year and then sigh up new Azubis.

    In this way they cut down their operating costs. So the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. On border line wages on what the Germans call Hunger lohn (Hunger salary).

    Now for those who wish to make their way to Germany it is not what it use to be before the Euro came to play.

    First one must have a residential address, only then can you open a bank account and then find a job. No address, no bank account and therefore no job. So when you do not have money to begin with you can not get a rental.

    And the wierd thing in Germany is that when you go to a Real Estate Agent, the person who rents pays not only the deposit, but also the commision to the agent. The tenant has to pay everything, this i do not understand when the apartment belongs to the owner and it is they that make the contract with the Real Estate Agent, yet they just earn and earn and become richer.

  9. Look, Germany is a bureaucratic nightmare and there is no way that it is a competitive economy. It have managed to make some money only over a few years, by cutting wages, cu8tting pensions, cheating immigrant workers of wages and benefits until the courts blocked it, and cheating everyone in the eurozone.

    This last is the one that has led to the problems in southern Europe, because the downside of German policy is that other euro countries ran up debt. What is even more ridiculous (after all, cheating people of money is not ridiculous, it is merely immoral or criminal) is that the German right wing is so full of shit that they intend to impose their “economic model” on the rest of Europe. That means, cutting wages, cutting pensions, putting people into part-time employment and fixing the unemployment rate that way, cutting state expenditure generally, etc. Of course, it will not work for other countries, because the effective exchange rate is too high (as opposed to too low for Germany) and some countries like Greece have a very limited export market.

    What is not clear, is whether the Germans are just pigheaded morons or are actually criminally responsible for their actions in deliberately destroying entire economies in Europe. History will judge that.

  10. Your statements are repetitious, incoherent, uninformative, resentful, over-simplistic and condescending.