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PM Samaras’ Eye Operation Successful – FinMin Still Hospitalized

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras successfully underwent an eye operation on Saturday morning in Athens. Ophthalmology surgeons at public hospital Attikon repaired the retinal detachment problem in an operation that lasted about two hours.

A statement by the surgeons said that Samaras’s eye problem was serious and that he has to be under medical surveillance and a regular measurement of his right eye blood pressure for some time.

 Samaras is expected ot stay in the hospital at least until Sunday.

It is not clear yet whether Antonis Samaras will be able to fly to Brussels and join the EU Summit on upcoming Thursday. Doctors are expected to decided on the issue.

According to some Greek media, there is consideration that Samaras could also travel to Brussels by car.

Would-be Finance Minister Vassilis Rapanos is still hospitalized. A doctors’ statement stated he underwent all necessary medical screening.

He may exit the hospital on Monday and be sworn-in on the same day.


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  1. Nice picture!

  2. Did he use his IKA doctor? lol

    • keeptalkinggreece

      still this weird sense of humor

    • I think that Attiki Hospital is public. But the Hgeia is a private one. That’s were the future finance minister is treated.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        maybe because his doc works there?

        • Yes, could very well be. I know how the system works and on IKA we have visited a doctor in Hgeia too.
          I was just repeating what this report said. They are mentioning that Hgeia is a private hospital.
          John S looks like suggesting preferential treatment. And as his name sounds like he might be from the UK and I think there was a small scandal of sorts in the Blair time when he did not send his children to a public school or did not use the NHS for the birth of one, or even both, I think I understand where his idea that there might something fishy going on comes from.