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Doctors Forbid PM Samaras to Travel; Foreign Minister to Represent Greece in EU Summit

Doctors have forbidden Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to travel after a serious surgery to repair retinal detachment. “His condition is improving, but he cannot travel either by plane, not by car nor train in order to avoid exposure to high pressure” said the doctor at a press conference on Sunday morning.

Samaras will be allowed to exit the hospital on Monday, however he will be subject to medical surveillance and movement limitations. Doctors have ordered ‘immobility’, like not walking and standing.

It will take some time “until the gasses that were infused to his eye will be absorbed” by Samaras’ body.

Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos will represent Greece at the EU Summit in Brussels on June 28-29th 2012, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said on Sunday morning.

Samaras & Rapanos at first cabinet meeting

As also would-be Finance Minister Vassilis Rapanos is still in the hospital, caretaker Giorgos Zannias, alternate FinMin Christos Staikouras and Development Minister Costis Chadjidakis will join the Greek team at the Summit.

Antonis Samaras underwent a retinal detachment surgery on Saturday.

Vassilis Rapanos was urged to hospital on Friday with high fever, abdomen pain and exhaustion. His health condition has been stabilized and he is expected to exit the hospital on Monday or Tuesday.  

PS EU Summit could take place in Athens. That would be a good opportunity to promote Greece abroad and boost tourism… 🙂

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  1. Troika has also postponed it’s visit to Athens, because these were the two guys they wanted to speak. Why does the names Kenteris/Thanou keep popping up in my mind???

    • keeptalkinggreece

      no idea – and this is unfair too

      • It was NOT my intention to suggest they were faking anything. Although I have to admit that friends who contacted me yesterday were suggesting foul play.
        The similarity that struck me was that both things happened right before an immense important moment in Greek history. The sporting one was just minor compared to the bankruptcy that is looming at the moment. And weren’t Kenteris and Thanou acquitted a couple of months ago?
        I read in ekathimerini that the Troika won’t be coming until July now and that the disbursement of the next loan tranche for Athens, that was due for June and amounts to 5 billion euros now might be postponed.
        What is driving me crazy is that there seems no plan B in case someone like Samaras falls ill. I guess there must be a deputy PM who can perform those talks? And what about the finance minister? There still is one, isn’t it? These deputies should be well capable of running the show until their boss is back.
        It is total madness that they keep on running Greece in a worse way than a local photo-club is run.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          Antonis, at the very end, there is no day without the madness of prejudice digging even at every little wound. Relax!

          • You are right. Relaxing on a Sunday should be the main priority. Guess my hour waiting and having to walk through Autumn rain did make some nerves raw.
            Point remains that it looks like there can only be deals done by this government when ‘The Boss’ is alive and kicking and no-one to substitute him for when he is unavailable. But it was unfair to compare the government and state with a photo-club. I should have compared it with a Greek private business, where ‘The Boss’ is almost always ‘God’.

  2. Perhaps a harsh by Antonis but all the same, when Greece’s reputation in northern europe for trustworthyness is not high, it offers up a chance to those who dismiss Greece as unreliable.
    A golden opportunity to say ” What are they up to now? Crying off with sick note? Very convenient”
    There are plenty of people who are prepared to seize on anything that will confirm all their prejudices about Greece.

    • @Mavromichalis. As I am currently not in the country I can not check around me in the village how people conceive this ‘health-situation’. But you can possibly tell me if no one in Greece has had those thoughts? No one in the world capital of conspiracy theories? If that is true then changes really are happening for the better. 😉

      • You are both being ridiculous!

        And I do not support the ND government or any of these assholes, but you are just as ridiculous as they are.

  3. Greek fought Turk for 400 years so they due for resting for a few years