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President Obama Assures PM Samaras, USA Will Support Greece’ Efforts

US-President Barack Obama called  Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Monday afternoon and assured him that the USA will support Greece’s efforts.

According to Athens News Agency, President Obama congratulated Samaras for wining the June 17 elections and asked him about his health condition.
Obama assured Samaras that the USA support Greece’s efforts to remain in the euro zone, the country’s  European perspective and the restoration of the economy. Obama told Samaras, the he will help Greece in these efforts. 
The telephone conversation took place two hours after Samaras was released from the hospital after an eye surgery and lasted twenty minutes.

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  1. Obama – the fast talker/worthless promise maker.

    Who is going to help the U.S.? We are $15,739,059,000,000.00 in debt and getting worse every single day.

  2. The man will do anything to be reelected in November. If Greece fails he will lose because he is trying to push the same failed policies: huge government regulation, huge public sector with bigger salaries and pensions than the private sector workers and so on.

    So, he needs someone (anyone!) to bail out Greece at least till November or he can kiss his second term goodbye.

  3. Yes, William, but this is not Mr. Obama’s fault. It’s a non-partisan problem in the USA, so don’t blame him. Go back much further to find the root of the problem.

    • It is not ALL JUST Obama’s fault, but he has done NOTHING but spend, spend and spend some more.

      The root of the problem is that politicians do not want the end to come during their term. They also want to be re-elected to live the good life. So they have this special game called “kick the can (or stone)down the road. Keep spending money you do not have and writing checks that will not clear.

      Stay in office (filling your moneybag as full as you can) as long as you can and then get off the ship just before it sinks.

  4. the FED is going to help the US.

  5. yep, the FED, the FED can print 15 Trillion dollars and we’ll use that to pay back every one. Then, we’ll be debt free…

    Then what we do is start removing money off the street from the USA until we remove 15Trillion dollars.

    then we’re free to start creating more debt again!

    • Ahh… the Fed … what a wonderful organization.

      Even a 5 year old could do this job. Have the US Treasury GIVE you unlimited money FOR FREE and then “invest” it in U.S. bills/notes/bonds and collect the interest and act like you are a very smart person.

      Now THERE is a job I would like.