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Queues of Shame & Rage, as Greek Patients Stand in Line to Get Medicine

Hundreds of insured Greeks have been ‘melting’ under the hot summer sun, standing line outside pharmacies in Piraeus in order to get their prescription medicine on credit. Residents of Athens and broader Attica area are seeking the pharmacies of the port city of Piraeus for their life-saving medicine, as Athens Pharmacists Association insists on boycotting the unified health insurance fund EOPPY.

One pharmacist distributed umbrellas to his clients to be protected by the sun.

What if temperatures reach 38-39 degrees in the shadow and the smog levels urged the ministry of health to issue a warning for people with heart and respiratory problems?

Pharmacist give priority numbers to avoid a storm at the counters.

 Video: pharmacist distributes priority numbers

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At the pharmacy close to the end station of urban train HSAP, the pharmacist and his assistants wish they had four hands to cope with the sharply increased number of clients.

Οι ουρές της ντροπής και της...οργής

Queues of shame and rage….

Quite a number of pharmacies in the area had to close as they run out of medicine.

Newly appointed Health Minister Andres Lykoyrenztos has promised Athens pharmacist to pay outstanding debts. However the pharmacists are suspicious and want to balance their tax debts to the state with the state’s outstanding debts to them.

Until pharmacists and health authorities agree on a solution, the Greek patient will have to pay for perscription medicine out of his pocket and wait to receive the money by the insurance fund. God knows when…

Or travel more 20-30 kilometers to get his medicine…

More news on the Greek drag with the drug here.

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