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Famous Riot-Dog Loukanikos Got a Bar in …Madrid!

Greece’s famous riot dog got a bar in Madrid. Well, not he himself personally but some Spanish fans of him. They opened a bar and gave the name of the most famous dog around the world.

According to the report, a lot of Loukanikos’ pictures hang on the walls of the bar that is a place where people meet to talk about politics and cultural events enjoying their beer.

Loukanikos bar Photos by Yiannis Antamis, exclusive story in

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  1. Too bad Greek no think do this first

    • Greeks aren’t opening bars these days, they’re closing them!

      • There are plenty of crappy bars/cafes in my area, operating illegally until 6 am and making terrible noise. Since their names are largely irrelevant, any one of them could have renamed itself Loukanikos.

        The truth is that the students and other young people who patronise them have no creativity, no innovation. They just complain that their money supply has been cut off, but they still have more money than me to spend in cafes and bars.

        I lived in Spain (Madrid) and Italy for a while, and found the Spanish especially very creative and innovative, with a really strong sense of social justice and solidarity. It is no surprise that they have made an iconic bar named after a Greek stray dog.