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Athens: HSBC Tested Cash Machines For Drachma

 After Bloomberg currency Exchange Drachma-Test last week, HSBC bank made another test on Monday. The test was performed at the banks ATM machines in Athens. The bank confirmed the news… and I wonder how many Greeks would rush to banks and withdraw leftovers from their savings in bank deposits. HSBC …

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EU, ECB Have a “Master Plan” to Save Euro Zone

 The four Musketeers, Barroso (EC), van Rompuy (EC), Juncker (Eurogroup)and Draghi (ECB) are reportedly working on a …secret plan to save the euro zone from the crisis. The ambition plan that will be implemented first to EZ member countries foresees among others more EU control over national budgets, a “bank union”,  …

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Tsipras (SYRIZA): Scrap the Bailout Programme and Renegotiate it!

Nationalization of banks, halting the privatization of state-run enterprises, partial or complete debt cancellation for indebted households, wealth confiscation for those making false tax declarations: Leader of left-wing SYRIZA and main challenger of conservative Nea Dimocratia at the June elections, Alexis Tsipras revealed the party’s programme. ” We introduce our programme, a  programme …

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Are Greeks Victims of Chomsky’s “10 Media Manipulation Strategies”?

Every Greek and every Greek-speaking foreigner living in this country, experiencing the economic crisis and the bombardment of threats, blackmails and catastrophy scenarios by national and international politicians, officials and several other -icians struggles to escape all this mechanisms targeting to crack down the society. I am not talking so much …

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