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Census 2011: Greece’s Population is 9,903,268 – Almost 50K Less Than Registered Voters…

Greek Statistics Authority ELSTAT made public the results of the latest census conducted in Greece: “The legal population of the country is 9,903,268,” the Statistics Authority said in a statement, adding that the results with previous censuses are not ‘comparable’.

The census was conducted between 1–24 may 2011 among the Greek citizens.

I wouldn’t know any Greek citizen who would be “illegal”, but most likely that’s the language of statistics…

Census & 2012 Elections

It looks really odd: Greece’s population is 9.9 million, registered voters are also 9.9 million…

May 2012 elections  and June 2012 elections  were conducted according to 2001 census, as voters were registred according to the latest published census, i.e. census of 2001.

“According to the ELSTAT, Greece’s total population based on census 2001 was 10,964,020 people.”

The website of  Greek Interior Ministry, shows the number of registered voters for June 17/2012 elections as 9,952,570.

One could ask, how representative are the elections results and the parliament seats distribution, when between 2001 and 2011 the population decreased by one million, but elections took place according to the old census?  

As these questions have to be answered by law experts and politicians, I end this post with an important conclusion:

Greeks are neither “eleven” nor even “ten” million people, as it was estimated. They die out or migrate.

PS: I do not see May 2012 results on the website of Greek Interior Ministry. May elections never happened?

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  1. Uhmm, this is .. well .. I don’t know what to say (sigh).

  2. Well you know the problem with the census is you have to be ALIVE to participate, but in Greek elections it is open to anyone, dead people are not discriminated against!

  3. Holy smokes, I wonder how much time until Greece gets lower population than Sweden…