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Paros: Police Arrests Assaulter of Teenager Girl; Illegal Immigrant from Pakistan Confesses the Crime

Greek police announced the arrest of a man of Pakistani origin as the assaulter of the teenager girl that was brutally beaten almost two weeks ago in Nea Chrysi Akti beach. The culprit was identified through a double DNA test on a sample found on the body and the clothes of the unlucky girl and the man’s saliva.

The Pakistani confessed his heinous act on Saturday afternoon.

According to police, the man confessed that he originally wanted to steal the girl’s mobile but as she resisted he beat her with a rock. The girl fainted, he sexually abused her and beat her again against the rocks.

The severly abused girl was found about an hour after the assault, laying on the rocks of Chrysi Akti. She was rushed to an Athens hospital.

The man, an illegal immigrant, was working at a tourist facility. He returned to his work and continued his life as if nothing had happened. However as police increased its presence on the island and even called on locals and tourists to assist, the man apparently felt he could be caught. Six days later, he left the island and fled to Greece’s capital Athens.

Police located the culprit among thousands of illegal immigrants in Athens with the aid of technology (located his mobile) and the active cooperation by other immigrants. He was arrested in the early morning hours of Saturday in Nea Chalkidona suburb of Athens, together with two other compatriots, also illegal immigrants.

Police “Cleans” Athens

At the same time and obviously to prohibit retaliation actions by certain anit-immigrant groups, Greek police started a “sweeping operation” in downtown Athens. More than 1,500 illegal immigrants were detained by the police and were transported to migrants’ centres in order to be deported from Greece. 

The case of the assault on the teenager has shocked the Greek public opinion. The girl is still hospitalised in coma.

After police announcement on Saturday, extreme-right party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) issued a statement:

“Enough with illegal immigrants! The horrible crime against a minor Greek was committed again by an illegal immigrant. The need for  multiple deterrence measures is immediate. Any crime committed by an illegal alien must be statutory. Whoever talks about racism, should host the criminals at his home. The only racism that exists, is the racism against the Greeks.”

Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias told reporters that illegal immigrants’ detention and deportation will continue until the centre of Athens is “clean.”

It needed the abused body of a teenager girl for the Ministry to finaly take action and try to control the illegal immigration issue. *sigh* 


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  1. This is very good news, and Kudos to the police for getting this animal. Unfortunately, his identity will lead to more howling and barking from those with the anti immigrant agenda, and they will not fail to turn the dispicable actions of this one individual into a common characteristic of “the immegrants”.
    I just hope the girl will somehow manage to get her live back. Blessings for her.

  2. I am a Pakistani & feel ashamed of the sort of heinous crime committed by this person. I can understand the pain & sentiments of the ordinary greeks after this incident, however please do not forget, there are good & bad people everywhere.

    You might argue that the above person actually falls in the category of worse, agreed, but then the rich/elite/bankers of Greece, which have sucked the lives out of the ordinary People in the country, they aren’t any better either!!!

    There can be no argument on this, can there?

    • The one has nothing to do with the other.
      What the banksters did and are doing are crimes against society, and the effects are borne by society.
      The ordeal this girl was put through is a crime against her person. The physical aspect can be described in hard cold fact, but the effect of this on her person, her soul, is something she will have to carry with her for the rest of her life. And despite the best intentions of all who love her, ultimately, she will have to carry that all alone.
      That is the real crime here. And no amount of punishment will ever compensate her for having her life turned into a life sentence through the most hidious of crimes she was subjected to.

    • The Americans and the British and the Israelis bomb Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Libya (are now sponsoring new wars in Syria) and millions of people from these nations flee to Greece.
      Greece is a nation of 11 million people (including 2 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS). Why should Greece have to accept these refugees from USA/UK/Israeli sponsored wars ? In Greece there are according to Greek police over 100000 AK47’s on the streets of Greek cities, in the hands of illegal immigrant gangs! Greek women and elderly can’t even go to the supermarket or to the bank without being afraid they will be attacked by illegal immigrants. A couple of months, 4 Afghan illegal immigrants raped a 15 year old Greek girl in the middle of the street in broad daylight, and held down her father and forced him to watch! Every week, Greek citizens are raped, bashed or killed by illegal immigrants in Greece. Enough is enough. The world might call the Golden Dawn party “nazis”, “racists”, but they are the only political party that wants to enforce Greek immigration laws, and deport illegal immigrants…otherwise, in the end there will be a real bloodbath. The Greek people are not brainwashed weaklings…Greece is not the UK…if this kind of thing continues for long there will be massive revenge. And who can blame the exhasperated indigenous people. Imagine if Greek men were raping Pakistani girls in Islamabad…they would have their heads cut off in 5 minutes!

      • i don’t understand why they are given papers to stay here ….there country is not at war and they are in the G20 group.Isn’t entering a country illegaly breaking the law…well from then on all laws are going to be broken by them.
        Both my daughter & sister-in-law had bad experience with “poor illegal imigrants” there culture is entirely different & the women there are treated like animals !! maybe human rights should be checking into that and not blaming us for the problems these folks create by their “illegal invasion ” here !

    • If the rich elite bankers of Pakistan, the generals and the politicians haven’t sucked the lives of the ordinary people on that country the Pakistanis wouldn’t be pouring into Greece uninvited.The Greeks have enough trying to solve their own problems. Stay on your country and find your own solutions.

    • You are right that there is good and bad in all races, but is seems like everyone is sending their bad only to Greece. This is not the only crimes commited by Pakistani here. Everyday we have to deal with them. They are illegal and not law abiding people here in Greece. If About a million Greeks go to Pakistan and kill, rape, piss and crap on your temples of worship I think you would stone them to death. But here we are racist. The majority of Albanians do the same thing here too, and Afganis. So before you talk about the theiving bankers try to put the shoe on the other foot. The facts are that before all imigrants came to Greece we use to sleep with our doors unlocked now they are triple locked and we are armed to protect our families. So i suggest that all illegal imigrants get deported back to where they came from and we will take care of the bankers another way.

      • You are right that there is good and bad in all races, but is seems like everyone is sending their bad only to Greece

        Exactly as you say, it only SEEMS like it. Instead of tarring everybody with the same brush, it would be a really good idea to have a good look at what is really happening instead of spreading this narrow minded crap.
        Do Greeks really need to be reminded of being on the receiving end of this crap themselves in the USA, UK, Germany and everywhere else they emigrated to, in the hope to find a better living than they could at home?
        Greece too exported hundreds of thousands of people, some of them not really the people you would like to have around, in Greece or elsewhere. How would you like it if all Greek immigrants in the USA where labeled as gansters because of the actions of the actions of the bouras of Valentzas gangs in the USA? How would you like it if gangs on motorbikes started going around knifing them in the streets of New York and everywhere else based on this “They’re Greeks everybody knows they’re gangsters” generalization?
        Exactly. Do not generalize, especially not in order to find a scape goat so that you don’t have to look closer to home to find the real reasons for the troubles the country is in. And most, if not all, of those troubles do indeed start with corrupt bankers, corrupt politicians, and corrupt industrialists, and a lot of them Greeks! Not immigrants. Immigrants are as much victims as you are, same shit, different country.

        Yes, this guy must be punished for what he did, and it cannot be enough of a punishment, ever. But his community (who by the way handed him over to the Greek police) must not be punished for his crime. He is the criminal, not the community.

  3. The same people who’re preaching that there’s a need for tolerance, multiculturalism and assimilation of immigrants in the Greek society, will find ways to explain the unexplainable. The will accuse the HP (Hellenic Police) for unjustly targeting undocumented immigrants, obtaining coercive confessions, physically and verbally abusing them, planting evidence and cross contaminating DNA samples. It’s nothing more than orchestrated attempts to distract attention from the main issue and obfuscate the truth and facts.

    For the politically correct, the self appointed staunch defenders of freedom and human rights, the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), the more than 7,500 foreign inmates serving time in the Greek prisons, represent isolated cases. To them foreigners who have been convicted in a court of law for violations of Greece’s immigration and labor laws, for crimes such as rape, extortion, kidnapping, armed robbery, larceny, murder, drug dealing, gun dealing, pimping, physical assault, and human smuggling, were wrongfully targeted by the HP. A new law, Myrto’s law, should be passed by the Hellenic Parliament stating that undocumented immigrants who have been convicted for felonies, after serving their sentences they should be immediately deported.

    For some people numbers and statistics such as Greece’s crime rate, incarceration rate, the HP’s case resolution rate and others, are just inconsequential. For Thanasis Lazana’s and Myrto’s parents though, their precious children are definitely not just numbers. Their flesh and blood who’re either no longer with them or fighting to stay alive, aren’t only the victims of heinous crimes but also the victims of a grossly incompetent system. A system defined by the policies of appeasement, of cutting and running, kicking the can down the road and misplaced priorities.

    Nevertheless, acts of vigilante justice shouldn’t be condoned. Not all the immigrants are criminals and the universal rights of all people residing in Greece should be respected and protected. The overwhelming majority of undocumented immigrants are hard working, decent people seeking a better life and opportunity for them and their children. Some of them fled their homelands because they had been subjected to political, religious and ethnic persecutions. All immigrants are entitled to apply for political asylum and appeal unfavorable decisions rendered by Greek courts. But, once there’s a final court decision ordering their repatriation, it should be carried out. While waiting to be send back to their homelands, they should be fed properly, live in clean, well protected, heated and air-conditioned facilities, have full access to quality medical care, participate in recreational activities, file complains if they’re mistreated, and have the freedom to practice their own religions.

    I hope and pray that Myrto will in time fully recover from her physical injuries. I can’t fathom though how a 15 year girl will cope with the emotional, mental and psychological scars left by the atrocious attack. Of course, everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. But if the accused is convicted for viciously raping and physically assaulting Myrto, perhaps he will realize the gravity of his crimes by getting a taste of his own medicine in prison.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      and then again, it’s all a matter of political will to solve the problem with uncontrolled numbers of illegal immigrants. Once the will is not there ( as it has been proven) one can write books about whether all immigrants are good or bad etc and exploit the issue to promote ideologies.

      • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

        It’s very easy to open the borders to Western Europe: Germoney needs some 2 million workers to produce more useless garbage.
        Hopefully pictures of sweeps, mass detentions and putting people into concentration camps will make its way onto the walls of tourist agencies.

        • They don’t need, nor do the rest of us! I’m in Finland and I read this with anxiety, will you begin the nationalistic revolution in Europe that is sorely needed? Germans are prisoners of their own politicians and cannot say or do anything,but you can!

          I’m not completely anti-immigrant but dammit, punish and deport this animal for touching one of you! Immigrants should have deepest gratitude to the hosts and show utmost respect. if not, out with them!

          • This animal should not be punished “for touching one of us”, this animal must, and will be punished “for touching”. Neither the nationality of the animal, nor the nationality of the victim are important here. Both are used as a smokescreen to score political points for irrational, false and devisive politics. And those engaged in this political game unashamedly abuse a victim of a hideous crime for their own purposes.
            The “nationalistic revolution” you so crave for is the last thing Europe or anybody else needs. Nationalism is a false emotion used by cowards and leads to what everybody in Eurpoe knows to be pure evil. It is only 72 years ago that Europe was plunged into the inevitable result of your “nationalistic revolution”. Shame on you for calling for that as “necessary”.
            Respect is not something you demand. respect is something you give, and by giving it you will receive it, many times over. Even from immigrants… there will obviously always be the odd exception, but that exception is not limited to immigrants. If you want an obvious example of total disrespect, have a good look at how this unfortunate girl’s situation is abused to whip up more racist sentiment. A little respect would indeed not go amiss.

          • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

            Animals don’t rape only men do!

          • sometimes words take on a totally different meaning than they mean, meaning the meaning reflects the meaning the speakers wants the meaning to mean, know what I mean?

          • keeptalkinggreece

            thank God it wasn’t for me so I don’t need to try to decode the meaning lol

          • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

            Germany really needs 2 millions, they only take people that got education – “Green cards for Indians” – but are too stupid to ask “illegals” that often are educated or educate their own proletarian youth huge parts of are as 3rd generation still called “migrants”. True Fins should go back to Mongolia and try their national “revolution” there. There are already lots of Mongolians running round in black uniforms and with swastikas. The then two Finlands will find support and later on will find cool reasons why China belongs them too.

          • Actually Finland hasn’t been finnish for centuries now… It’s clearly germanic now, esp. the western Finland. Centuries of immigration and mixing has killed off most “true finns”.
            And I shame nothing, Hitler was right.

          • The only thing Hitler was right about was dying. Pitty he didn’t do it a lot sooner.

          • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

            Hitler sux Adolf and I don’t care about Finland, it’s too cold, too expensive and oil and cars are still allowed. Guess in your nazionalistic revolution you won’t take back all your Finns that invaded and together with other Europeans killed Amerika to 99% and I guess you won’t stop consuming all the of Amerika stolen culture like coffee, tobacco, cacao, corn, beans, potatoes and tomatoes. Not too mention the gold and silver without that there wouldn’t be any capitalism that makes you even more superior to rob the planet because only for the stolen goods they invented the banks.

          • johanna1982: I am in the United States and I also read this with anxiety…

          • the teenage girl is still in intensive care will take a miracle for her to get well …and the ANIMAL posted photos of himself on his social account….for those who feel sorry for the “poor imigrants ” who don’t have food to eat! I was a witness at a money transfer and two of these “poor ” folks were wiring 3000 euros back to their country ….i wonder where they were able to get that sum of money!

          • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

            Animals don’t rape only men do.

    • Nicolas, this has absolutely nothing to do with what you call the NIMBY crew. Nobody in their right mind would ever attempt to justify or explain this in any way that would reduce the severity and criminality of what this girl suffered.
      This has first and foremost everything to do with an absolute hideous crime against a child, or young adult if you prefer. And may the guy suffer her suffering hundred-fold for this.
      There is however another aspect to this as well. It’s the hideous two-facedness of those who have already started the next wave of abusing the victim to gain cheap popular support. Their statement is mentioned above.
      I can of course not comment on this as it is still before the courts, but I would urge you to check this out
      Any taking of moral high ground on this? Any reaction from GD, other than intimidating the victim?

      • Ephilant

        You wrote “Nicolas, this has absolutely nothing to do with what you call the NIMBY crew. Nobody in their right mind would ever attempt to justify or explain this in any way that would reduce the severity and criminality of what this girl suffered ”.

        Unfortunately they will probably do just that. If the case proceeds through the criminal justice system, the victim of such crime is often raped in court for a second time. Her character will be questioned and her behavior prior to the attack will probably be called inviting. Defense lawyers will argue that the accuser’s confession was coerced, and that the victim’s injuries were the result of an accident and not of criminal acts. The police, the crime technicians and the evidence collection processes will all be attacked. Layers and defense experts who likely haven’t been victims of crimes themselves and for the right amount of money, will do everything they can to get a reduced sentence or even exonerate the defendant.

        Some Pakistanis will justify and explain the accuser’s actions, because in some regions of their country women are regarded as sexual objects and second class citizens. In some Pakistani regions the Sharia law dictates that a woman is not to leave the house without getting permission from her husband or father. Sharia paves the way for vigilante justice against women in the form of honor killings, gang rapes, beatings, acid attacks, mutilations and murders committed in retaliation for bringing dishonor on one’s family, whether its real or imaginary. Heinous and women-hating practices such as the ones mentioned above are often conducted with impunity.

        In general, the people who haven’t been negatively affected by the uncontrolled influx of undocumented immigrants in their communities, or don’t know better, will fail to aknowledge the problem’s urgency and severity. Greeks for a number of reasons will protest the creation of detention centers for undocumented immigrants near their communities. Greek politicians seeking the votes of legalized immigrants will continue with the same song and dance. They will attack the government for not protecting the rights of undocumented immigrants, but they will remain silent when the rights and freedoms of Greek citizens are maliciously violated.

        Golden Dawn’s militaristic ways to resolve disputes, their mumbo jumbo all-Greek blood bank, decisions to assist Greeks only, and their policies of intimidation and vigilante justice, are all appalling. Their actions are deliberately designed to incite violence, exploit phobias and attract media attention. The people who’re making too much fuzz about their rhetoric and deeds are playing right into their hands.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          as from TV series script book: “If the case proceeds through the criminal justice system, the victim of such crime is often raped in court for a second time” that’s pretty much what Hollywood tells us in discouraging women to file complaints in a justice system where offenders’ financial mean can make the difference… Not all are Law & Order/special victim units fans here.
          However in this particular case here with the public opinion 100% on the side of the victim you won’t have the possibility to hear much about culture gap as defense’s strategy. I believe the same would happen in the USA too.

          • KTG

            Not knowing if the alleged perpetrator of the crime will enter a guilty or not guilty plea in court, I’d like to make two comments. 1) In cases of rape, it’s common to have a two- pronged defense strategy. That is; a) to put the victim on trial by relentlessly attacking her credibility, forcing her to relive traumatic experiences and insinuating the presence of what the defense lawyers call “inviting” behavior. That defense strategy is often called “raping” the victim in court for a second time and b) to attack the police and the reliability of forensic evidence. 2) I’m not so sure though that 100% of the opinion in Greece supports the victim of the crime. That’s because the majority of the estimated 1.2-1.5 million immigrants living in Greece right now are coming from countries where brutal attacks against women are often acceptable forms of punishment and conducted with impunity. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and Somalia have implemented versions of the Sharia law, basically legalizing the punishment of the victim of the crime and exonerating the perpetrator of the crime. Patriarchal countries like the ones mentioned above, have institutionalized male dominance and privilege and entailed female submission and deprivation.

            Rather than getting entagled in legal and cultural matters there’s one undisputable fact. If the alleged perpetrator of the crime hadn’t been allowed to enter Greece, nothing would had happened to Myrto on July 22, 2012. The same thing is also true for the thousands upon thousands of Greeks and foreign tourists alike, who had been raped, physically assaulted, robbed and murdered by illegal immigrants.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            Nicholas, I’m afraid you need a cold shower…

          • Nicolas, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. What an absolute stupid reason to come out. ” If the alleged perpetrator of the crime hadn’t been allowed to enter Greece, nothing would had happened…”

            If the sea contained alcohol, we would all be fish

            If my antie had testicles, she wouldn’t be called antie (I hope)

            If people used their brains, they wouldn’t come out with crap

            But there is such a thing as reality…

        • The people who’re making too much fuzz about their rhetoric and deeds are playing right into their hands.

          That is where you are very wrong. It is because they have not been pulled up on their false policies, their irrational teachings, their violent behaviour etc. that they are where the are today. In parliament.
          The very same happened in the 1930’s with Hitlers National Socialists. They were considered a bunch of wacko crackpots who did not pose a danger to the established system. And we all know where that ended up.
          These people must be exposed at every opportunity, they must not be gagged but must be challenged every single time, whenever they open their mouth, wherever they gather. Nationalism is the language of the coward, rascism is his weapon. And that cannot be repeated enough times.

          • And do not forget that these people feed on the failings of the democratic system to be just that, democratic. and just.
            And there continued existence is caused by the continued failings of the democratic system to address its problems and develop acceptable, reasonable and fair solutions. It is by the grace of the other parties that the likes of GD exist and florish!

        • I can’t believe what you wrote. No sensible Pakistani would defend this man’s actions. While there are many interpretations of Sharia law, rape is not sanctioned in ANY of them. You are oversimplifying the problems plaguing Greece by focusing SOLELY on illegal immigration. That is a weak target. What about uncontrolled government spending? THAT is the main reason why Greece is burning.

          • Hear hear…
            “You are oversimplifying the problems plaguing Greece by focusing SOLELY on illegal immigration. That is a weak target.”

            Golden Dawn tactics, to a tee. And no grasp of reality, or an idea of how to tackle it.

        • Nicholas, your words may be a little on the fair side, except the inclusion of the Sharee’ah in your discourse.

          I am a Muslim woman and I have spoken out several times against cultures that consider the violation of any woman or girl part of ‘honour’.

          I suggest if you do get to discuss with women from those cultures ask them what they think of those heinous practices. I promise it will be an eye-opener. Women are not simply silent victims in those cultures.

          As a Nigerian, I know that any woman in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in Islam who endures any form of violence does so of her own volition.

          Umm Sulaim

    • Two wrongs do not make a right as we say. It was an awful terrible crime. It does not however justify further lesser crimes. Basic morality and common sense are the losers as always.

  4. Israel is kicking all of its blacks out, they are racist towards the blacks, and nobody says a word. They are hypocrites.

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    this post receives an incredible amount of pure racistic and hate comments. You do not seriously except me to publish them….

  6. Some of the comments are downright frightening. First of all, the terms “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant” and NOT interchangeable. The problems in Greece are not due to LEGAL immigration. In fact, they’re due to multiple reasons. Unfortunately, whenever a nation experiences economic turmoil, xenophobic sentiment becomes mainstream.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you didn’t see the real frightening comments, I was really surprised and loathed people can write such things. There is so much (global) hate & racism I didn’t know about. it.

      • Maybe you should publish them in a seperate posting, so that the world can see just how loathsome people can be?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          hm… No! they will attract others of the kind like honey the bees. I’m already discomforted about giving platform to much crap here, and even thinking to either ban users or just do not approve comments on this issues.

      • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

        Looks like even more or better weapons are needed to face the reality of this European schizophrenia. How comes that invasion is legal and migration not? Illegal aliens from Europe invaded America without ever facing any risk of deportation and now they can easily travel back to Europe and call others illegal. What a joke and another stupid white lie.

  7. Not a single clue to let anyone believe that the culprit is Pakistani. Why doesn’t Greek police disclose his identity?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they have. he even got travel papers from the Pakistan embassy and joined the ‘volunteer home return program’ funded by the EU. He was about to flee today, but he was cought by the police before going away.

    • @ Khalid. The thing is Khalid, that although his nationality and civil status was revealed, they are in fact totally immaterial. The guy committed a hidious, unacceptable crime, and must be punished for his crime. He should not be punished for having the nationality, race, religion and culture that he has. And neither should the other Pakistani people be. That is precisely what happened by revealing his nationality and his civil status. Every fascist and racist in the country and everywhere else starts jumping up and down and baying for blood, as KTG to her great shock found out the hard way. And believe you me, they are not very nice about it, I’ve had the same experience in a different country. Biggotry knows no borders and no limits. Guilty by association. And that is the big lie spread by the likes of GD, True Finns, Vlaams Belang, PVV, BNP and all the others. They have nothing constructive to offer any society, all they do is exploit and thrive a community’s herd mentality, and use the ensuing chaos to advance their crackpot ideologies. The world has plenty of experience with them, but sadly doesn’t learn.

      • I have posted this link once before. Same very sad situation, 2 girls, same age.

        No jumping up and down here, baying for blood and punishment.they are that outraged they sent in the heavies to bully the girl and her family into withdrawing the charges…. And just to educate you a little, this particular victim is what the officials in GD would refer to as “filth”.

        As I have said before, I have been on the rreceiving end of this kind of racism by association myself, in London. And I’ve seen it in other large cities, Brussels (Morroccans), Antwerp (Morroccans) ,Paris (Algerians) , Dubai (Phillipinos), Johannesburg (Asians), Dublin (Nigerians), I’ve been around. Every city in the world seems to have it’s own pet nationality they feel they can abuse, belittle, and threaten as a community as soon as one of them steps out of line. I think we politely call it tarring all with the same brush.
        Ignorance and fear of the “unknown”. Of course there are bad apples everywhere, and these guys are definitely up there with the worst of them. But the difference in reaction cannot be denied, not even by somebody wearing the massive blinkers you obviously wear.

        • Dpsi, obviously you don’t live in Greece, as anyone who lives here more than 5 minutes knows that violent crimes by Greeks against immigrants get little to no coverage on the Greek media and police rarely even investigate these crimes unless a foreign embassy presses the issue, i.e, American/British etc…. But, let it be against a Greek by an immigrant and they are all over it… Pure racism my friend, no other way to decipher it. My question is this, what happens when these golden dawn characters accidently attack an black American/Pakistani American thinking he’s an illegal immigrant, then I wouldn’t want to be Golden Dawn when the full power of the US Embassy comes down on Greece to catch these idiots.

        • First off all, i have no intention or wish to insult anybody, but will call a spade a spade.
          The answer to your question, and the simple solution to the problem, is this.
          Go back to your friends, and ask them to outright condemn this, in public, with the same indignation, vigour and furore they displayed over the last 2 weeks or so. Ask them to go on to the streets of Athens and wave banners and flags, demanding police protection for the immigrant children, demanding the statutory incarceration of this guy. Condemn this on their website, in their rag mag, on their pamphlets etc.
          Ask them to put the story and the condemnation up on their website, with the same sensationalist pictures they use for everything else, the bold text, exclamation marks, the lot. Name and shame as the say in English.
          Surely they know who to approach to do this. They love shouting and roaring about things, this gives them something to shout about, and show the world they are not the biggots everybody knows them to be.
          Ask them to publicly state on the web site, in their publications, that they want their followers to show they know the distinction between the good and the bad, and give basic, common respect to the vast majority of these communities who are indeed good people. Ask them to insist that their letter writers stop referring to the complete group of immigrants as “filth”, “Thieves”, “Criminals”, etc.
          Ask them to write in and insist their demands are published. And while your at it, ask them why WordPress took down their blog, and they felt the need to set up their own servers in the USA to host their website? Who else refused them? And more importantly, who paid for the servers, which don’t come cheap.
          And let us know what the reaction is… The refusal to differenciate between good and bad, the insistance on tarring everybody with the same “bad ass” brush, the need to scapegoat complete communities, that is how a marginal community ALWAYS pays the price when biggots start spouting their crap.
          Again, I speak from personal experience, 6 years of it. It starts with poisoning local peoples minds, it ends with collecting their victims hair to fill pillows and their false teeth to enrich themselves… there really is no difference! It just hasn’t reached that stage yet, but left unchallenged, it will, and a lot sooner than you think.

          I’m sure, thourough as you are, that you’ve looked in to the history of GD leader? And the similarities with a certain Austrian house painter haven’t escaped you? Neither has his public denial of the Holocaust amongst other things? If not you should.
          And while at it, check out his friend and assistant Giannis Giannopoulos and his “deeds” with the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB). That is the mindset of the leadership of GD. The only thing these guys have to offer is chaso and suffering. They will generate it at every occasion, whenever they get a chance.
          Their “spectacular” actions are designed for one thing, and one thing only. Distract people’s minds away from the real problem, the total pilferage of Greece and the other peripheral countries by the big EU powers in order to protect the economies of those big powers.
          Instead of protecting the Greek people, these guys are activily involved in trying to hide and cover up the wholesale selling out the country by their real masters, big business. another similarity wiht the house painter and his gangs that will not have escaped you.
          In that sense, most of their followers are indeed a bit “dumb” for not seeing the obvious.
          The modus operandus of these guys is copybook, anywhere in the world. find a scapegoat who cannot fight back, use an unthinking, bored out of their brains mob to create the confusion, the chaos and the trouble, and then step in with heavy handed “Law and Order”, and with the obvious benefit of personal gratification for being the “saving hero”.
          Harmless? Don’t you believe it! Dangerous, you bet!

          • Ok we learned from you what is GD . Now can you tell us why GD is rising in Greece ? What is the specific factor that gave GD an entrance to parliament , and please dont tell me that “part of Greek citizens are potential fascists” because GD is not created yesterday you know , but before more than 20 years and never in elections they received more than 0.001% of the votes . What has changed then and now ?

          • What changes is what has changed everywhere, either through economic circumstances or political circumstances, people feel threatened in their comfort zone.
            Unemployement, reduced income, reduced health care, etc. It does not only create uncertainty, it creates fear. And that is what the likes of GD, True Finns, Vlaams Belang, PVV, BNP,etc prey on. Naked, unbridled Fear. And they have no problems in artificially maintaining that fear by the use of staged attacks…
            Hitler did exactly the same, so did Mussolini, Franco, De Gaulle, Pinochet, TerreBlanche, Mobutu, Idi Amin, you put them all in a row. They prey on Fear. And then the big lie begins.
            People who are living in fear are like people who are ill. Instead of looking at the cause and tackling the problem from the root, they look at the symptoms and demand a pill, a quick fix. Manipulators like GD bide their time and always strike at the moment fear is ready to turn into panic. It is standard psychology that when a person or a community are in that state of mind, they are very, very vulnerable and easily manipulated. Which is exactly what is happening, and why GD is now gaining ground. The big lie is that manipulators like this ALWAYS pick a victim who is a minority within the target group, and cannot, for whatever reason, defend themselves. Illegal immigrants are the modern “favourites” to be portrayed as “the cause” in Greece, Belgium, France, Finland, Holland, the UK etc.
            In the 60’s -70’s in Germany it were the Trukish immigrants (legal ones, brought in by the German Government as “Gastarbeiter”!), in Belgium the Moroccan and Congolese immigrants (again, both legal), in Britain the Irish immigrants, etc. etc.
            Go a little further back in history and you are looking at the vicitms being The Jew, The Gipsy, The Down-Syndrome victim, Mentally Ill People, etc. Always a minority within a panicking majority. Without fail.
            Offer somebody in a panic an easily recognizable cause, and a ridiculously “simple” solution, and you will find that a good chunk of them will believe the lie. For that is what it is, nothing else.
            Tell me, once all the illegal immigrants are removed, is that suddenly going to change the situation in Greece? Will that put the money stolen from the social funds, health funds, etc back? Will that magically swell the coffers of the revenue, put millions of people back to work, reduce the price of electricity, put crooked and corrupt politicians and bankers behind bars, etc?
            Is the removal of illegal immigrants going to stop a banker transferring 10 million or so to a foreigh bank account? Is it going to stop a 1-day politician taking on his daughter as a full time employee at your expense? Is it going to stop the crimes committed by Greeks in Greece?
            Or are you going to have to look for another victim, to keep the lie going? And if so, who says it wont be you? Or are you maybe going to start a good old “justified war” with all those weapons, jets, and submarines previous governments wasted all that money on? Money that, by the way, would indeed have created a much better health and social system in Greece, irrespective of the presence of illegal immigrants.
            To put it simply, the problem is not the illegal immigrant being exploited to work for 2€ a day by the Greek employer, the problem is the Greek employer doing the exploiting. Sad as it is, the crime you see is in the vast majority of cases the result of that. And it must indeed be tackled, but so must the real cause. Removing the immigrant is not going to change the mentality of the employer, he will just find another vicitm (unemployed Greek, woman, child, handicapped, take your pick).
            The real, and ONLY solution is to tackle the exploiter. But that, of course, means looking a lot closer to home than what is being suggested, creating a lot of discomfort in the circles of people in who’s interest it is to have the likes of GD around.It is in their interest to have GD distracting the Greek population’s atttention away from the real problems and focussing it on easily recognized, but hugely, and deliberately created, false solutions.

  8. @ wake up – ugh. you’re right. i just lied about living in greece. it’s a little awkward, but i have this condition where i really enjoy pretending i live in really crappy countries. how embarrassing that you figured it out.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I suppose all the other stories about your contacts to GD are lied too…
      i’m afraid you just won a special award: to be banned without further notice!

      • excuse me? you are banning me because you don’t like that i don’t know any murderous rage type of golden dawners? is this real life?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          No, I ban you for claiming stories and making accusations or defend allegedly facts that are not true, misusing KTG’s platform to present products of your imagination as true stories. Moreover these stories invilve a Greek political party. Whether it’s called Marsians or Unicorns.

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    For the reasons below @dpsi is banned.
    8. dpsi says:
    August 9, 2012 at 3:05 pm
    @ wake up – ugh. you’re right. i just lied about living in greece. it’s a little awkward, but i have this condition where i really enjoy pretending i live in really crappy countries. how embarrassing that you figured it out.

    keeptalkinggreece says:
    August 9, 2012 at 3:15 pm
    I suppose all the other stories about your contacts to GD are lied too…
    i’m afraid you just won a special award: to be banned without further notice!

    dpsi says:
    August 9, 2012 at 3:18 pm
    excuse me? you are banning me because you don’t like that i don’t know any murderous rage type of golden dawners? is this real life?

    keeptalkinggreece says:
    August 9, 2012 at 3:21 pm
    No, I ban you for claiming stories and making accusations or defend allegedly facts that are not true, misusing KTG’s platform to present products of your imagination as true stories. Moreover these stories involve a Greek political party. Whether it’s called Marsians or Unicorns.

  10. So according to you GD is rising because of the fear(?) economical situation create among ppl and has nothing to do lets say with the true DANGER which is the IMPORTED CRIME and i am referring from imported pick pocketers , drugs dealers , prostitution to even more dangerous criminals like hard criminal gangs who move around with AK-47s and murder ppl in their attempt to rob them .

    Watching some facts about GD will be revealing atleast for the other readers here . GDs main slogans are “Greece for the Greeks” and “illegal Immigrants out of Greece” , none of them has anything to do with the economy . Also , GDs voters come mainly from the centres of big cities like Athens and Thessalonikh , the places that currently the big ghettoes exist and ofcourse the higher crime rates … I advise you to check the police reports and you will be “surprised” . Those places before the plague of the illegal immigrants , used to be beautiful areas and expensive ones , so it is easy to assume ppl there didnt vote GD because of the fear of economical crisis but because of high crime rates from imported crime .

    i ask you this and the readers here , hopping for an answer , are you guys sure that those “immigrants” that arrive in Greece have not committed crimes in their countries of origin who are trying to escape the law there or just see “opportunities” here ? are you sure they are not experienced thieves , murderers , rapists , etc etc or fanatics ? ( like the Pakistani one who hit the girl like this , BECAUSE IN HIS HOME COUNTRY they learn that women are similar to an object) … and most important How can you be so “sure” of their angelic existence since Noone of them has papers and a record for the police to check ?

    Because the truth is Noone really knows WHO they are and what is their past in their countries of origin . So very easily can be imported murderers , thieves , rapists and in the best case just fanatics of sharia since noone knows their past and have a recorded file . Isnt this important to you ? And most important , Who is going to apology for letting those IMPORTED criminals walk freely inside Greece ? Are you ready for this ?
    In my mind comes a statement of an Albanian minister , stating that in Albania crime rates had fallen dramatically since everyone moved to Greece ! .
    Lets not mention the economical damage which is some billion of euros ILLEGAL immigrants do to Greece every year the moment the country try to avoid bankruptcy …. So yes i am very sure that deporting the illegal immigrants , things will be much much better for Greek citizens (Greeks and legal foreigners) .
    Those factors i just mentioned for some ppl here are not important , but i can assure you that , because of them GD is on the rise .

    I want to ask you this seeking of an answer mostly because i hope ppl are not just blind followers of political parties , how can you close your eyes and not seeing the danger of imported crime , since things have become so dramatic for Greeks in their home country ? How can you close your eyes when families are destroyed ? In my head cannot leave a situation , when two brothers shot from a gang with AK-47s in their attempt to rob their car …. The younger one was died from the wounds and was ready to get marry . His gf tried to kill herself too after his funeral . What else must happen to REALLISE PPL THE DANGER GREEK SOCIETY IS FACING ?? PERSONALLY I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GD , I DO CARE FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING FROM FUCKEN IMPORTED CRIMINALS WHICH you SEEM TO CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THIS , with true victims from next door . Does anyone care here or not .

  11. @keeptalkinggreece deleting my comments shows fascistic behaviour and for sure this isnt something from Greek culture you love to mention .

  12. Must be great having a blog were you censoring opposing or un-PC views. That way everyone in happy agreement.


    • it is great indeed! Four comments with the same sentance anti-whatever propaganda have no place here.