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3,000-5,000 EUR is the price for illegal immigrant to move from Greece to EU?

If an illegal immigrants want to illegally move away from Greece and reach another EU member country, the price one has to pay is apparently  between  3,000 and 5,000 euro. This was the money a gang consisting of at least two Iraqis was charging to illegal immigrants who wanted to travel from Greece to other member-countries of the European Union.

The ways to reach the European “promised land” were by land, by sea or by the air.

I recently read on Greek media reports about the tariffs illegal immigrants pay to leave their home-countries and come to Greece. I had heard during the last 10-15 years that the tariff was some 2,000-3,000 US Dollar. Meanwhile the price has apparently gone up to 3,000 or even 5,000 euro.

From hat I read and know, poor families sell some land fields and borrow money from relatives to send a member abroad.

If they can get together 3,000 euro in their home land, why don’t they set up a business there, for example? If they can find another 3,000-5,000 euro in Greece, why don’t they go back and set up a business then?

What is the driving force that sends millions of poor young men from Asia and Africa away from their family and home? What is the motive to spend years in illegality, to work and live in miserable conditions, without a certain future?



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  1. I think the answer is quite simple: they would rather take money from the EU than earn it! Big issue in UK! You are right, with those levels of fees what’s to stop them setting up in their own countries then?

    • I suppose they do not see any chances for their future in the countries where they come from. Would you risk your life to leave your country if it was so easy to set up a business or come up for your life in some other way there?

      I think one of the big problems is, that the rest of the european countries are not willing to help greece and the other border-countries with this problem by accepting to transfer more immigrants to other european countries and handle the problem europe-wide. the rich countries do not care about what is happening in the rest of the world. money rules our society, not the spirit of freedom, equality and justice.

      its no solution to illegalize refugees and other immigrants and detain or hunt them on the streets. how can a human being be “illegal”? will it be “illegal” to be born for humans in some years? is this the direction the human ape is going?

  2. I was in Omonoia Square the other day and I have to admit that Athens has really become a multicultural city, and good for it!!

    In fact this little souvlaki joint I went to reminded me of the Bar Scene in the first Star Wars movie. People from all over the (world) Galaxy!!

  3. We all say that illegal immigration is a problem. But those who come from those countries, tried to set up a business or work hard to provide for their families. But when their is widespread coruption and armed gangs who come up to you and say pay insurance or we will burn your place or harm your family. And they are left with no option when the situation gets worse and they are living off one cup of rice a day, even though they have a small shop. They become frustrated and desperate and try to make their way to a country with a better law and order and a decent wage. Even if they are illegal in the eyes of the law. This is happening everywhere. In Russia my Russian friends say their are employment agencies who offer waitering jobs in western countries, but once they get their they are turned into prostitutes and solidiers for the mafia.

  4. The answer is simple, control corruption on every level. In public and private sectors.