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Greeks Visiting Australia for Work May End in Immigration Detention centres?

Reading following report, I remembered the Greek guy – a taxi driver – who wanted to seek work in Australia – on tourist visa. He was slightly older than the job requirements for taxi drivers offered by Australian authorities for jobless Greeks.  The money he was earning as taxi driver in Athens were not enough to feed his family, he had told me. He saw no other chance than migrating to Australia. Because he spoke some English. I do not know what happened to him, whether he left Athens or decided otherwise. But reading these news, he may have bad chances to stay and work there.

Greeks Visiting Australia for Work Face Being Deported

Greeks – along with other tourists who come to Australia – and don’t have return tickets and proof of enough money to stay in the country for as long as their visa lasts, are likely to be put on the next plane back home or held in a detention center.

The newspaper Neos Kosmos said at least 20 Greeks were held before being deported because they could not meet Australia’s strict policy for visiting, although there was no confirmation from the Australian  Ministry of  Immigration.

There has been a significant increase in Greeks coming to Australia for vacations or short visits but who are said to also be looking for work and avoid returning to Greece as it undergoes a crushing economic crisis. The hard-line Australian policy even applies to ex-patriates holding Australian passports. (Greek Reporter Australia)

PS Greeks in detention centres as illegal immigrants in Australia? This must be shocking for the Greek society.

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  1. I lived in Australia from 1971 to 1979, and it was a great country, the land of the free. About 12 years ago, I went back there for a holiday and to visit my two sons (from my 1st marriage). I could not believe how much it had changed. To start with, I was treated like a criminal by the customs and immigration. They were rude, aggressive and gestapo-like. The fact that I’d lived there, voted there, paid taxes there, had two sons who were Australian born nationals there made no difference at all. I was treated like shit. Then when I finally made it out, it was “you can’t smoke here. You can’t smoke there.” And “You can’t do this and you can’t do that”. They are just total control freaks now. It’s the nanny state gone mad. Government seems to be full of little tin-pot dictators who think that nobody else is capable of thinking for themselves. And it gets worse and worse as the years go by, judging from the news reports I resd.

    It was great to see my boys and their kids, but when I left, I swore I would never set foot in Australia ever again.

    So those Greeks trying to get there to work – be careful what you wish for. You might find living there more difficult than you imagined. Unless, of course, you like being told how to live your life. Personally, I prefer to make my own choices.

    • it sounds like customs authorities in UK. these tin-pot dictators are probably scared to death to lose control of the society they were voted to govern. maybe neurotic societies chose neurotic rulers, nowadays.

    • You know, smoking is bad for you.

  2. That may be so, but the Tobacco Control Industry is much worse for you than smoking could ever be.

  3. I am Greek born in Australia, my heart breaks for my fellow Greeks, Australia has very big Greek community here and the Gov has released working visa’s for Greeks to come to Australia to work for 2 years and then apply for extension. IT’S true that if you come here and stay illegally, you will be detained and then deported, but you have to understand we are a small country also having financial difficulties, thus there are fewer jobs.Also we have a problem with economic illegals, they are dying on boats and Australia has no option but to detain anyone who is illegal. So i don’t know how many visa’s are able to be released, all i know is that the Greek communities here are all trying to help in anyway they can. bless you all