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Greek Transport Ministry to Combat Ticket Dodgers with Free Tickets

Greek Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure decided to introduce new measures to combat “ticket evasion”. Passengers returning ten cancelled tickets will be awarded with one ticket of charge. The Ministry targets to decrease the so-called ticket dodgers by 50 percent until the end of the year and so to avoid the price increase of 25% in all public transport means.

According to state broadcaster NET TV, the revenue losses due to ticket dogers sum up nto 37.5 million euro per year.

In buses and trolleys 2:10 do not buy ticket, while in metro, tram and urban train HSAP the rate is 1:10.

At the same time, the Ministry will increase the number of ticket controllers especially at 16 hubs of Metro and urban train in Athens.

This will come into effect on Monday, 24. September 2012. At the same time passengers of certain public transport lines in buses and trolley will have to enter through the front door and show to the driver their ticket or the monthly card. Soon, drivers will be able to sell tickets.

The measures target not-frequent passengers who often hand out their used ticket to others or they do not buy a ticket at all.

While these category passengers will be awarded with free tickets, holders of monthly cards will be awarded with nothing. “The ticket price reductions are included in the cards, anyway” said NET reporter.

If this target is achieved, the ticket increase at 25% scheduled to come into effect in spring 2013 may be cancelled. The ticket price increase is included in the agreement between Greece and its international lenders.

Before the Memorandum of Understanding of 2010, tickets were sold for one euro for all public transport means including combinations.  After the Memorandum, prices went up and thus 1.20 euro for the usage of one transport mean and 1.40 for combined usage or just Metro use.

At the same time, bus lines leading from the suburbs to downtown Athens, have been halted somewhere in the middle of the distance and passengers were forced to change into Metro. For €1.40 instead of €1.20. Respectively, the monthly cards became more expensive.

Ticket price increases are a bad practice in times of unemployment and recession.

PS Why controls and measures only in Athens? Are passengers in Thessaloniki or Patras more honest?


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