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Shortage of Drugs Due to Pharma Embargo to Greek National Health Service

The never ending story of the Greek patient: While private pharmacists continue to block prescription medicine on credit, drugs have started to disappear from the pharmacies shelves of EOPYY. Patients have now to seek state pharmacies in hospitals to get life-saving medication.

Gerasimos Voudouris, president of  National health Care Services EOPYY,  admitted that due to some outstanding debts to pharmaceutical companies they have suspended the supplies. This explains that dozens of insured patients sought hospital pharmacies on Thursday with prescriptions stamped with the word “lacked”, meaning the drug was not available. 

EOPYY pharmacies distribute among others very expensive medicines for cancer patients.

At the same time, eight state hospitals are threatened with consumable goods embargo by their suppliers due to outstanding debts. Suppliers claim 200 million euro due to supplies in the last 1.5 year, while outstanding debts are due also from 2009.

The embargo is supposedly to start today and affect four hospitals in Athens (Evaggelismos, Agia Olga, Attikon, Sismalnogleio), as well as the state hospitals in Alexandroupolis, Rhodes and Kalamata.

PS take your own cotton, syringe, etc -just in case…





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