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SOS Oral S*x: Bishop of Piraeus Warns of Dangers for Physical and Mental Health

In his ‘manifesto’ on oral sex, Bishop of Piraeus, Metropolitan Seraphim clarifies first of all that “we are not possessed by any dastard motives of extreme or fundamentalist disposal, neither of homophophic syndrome.” With reference to latest study of the University Hospital of Coventry on the increasing risks for cancer due to oral sex,  Bishop Seraphim warns of the dangers hidden in oral sex, of the “tremendous consequesnes for both the mental and the physical health.”

In an article posted on the official website of the Metropolis of Piraeus with title “The responsibility and duty towards the sacred person of man and the gift of God, the life” Seraphim states passages from the univestiry study:

“The risk of developing cancer of the oropharynx is increased in men and women who have  6 sexual partners in their lives, or more than 4 sexual partners with whom they had orax sex – especially men, when they begin intercourse at an early age.”

Several detailed quotations from the study of the HPV virous related cancers of the oropharynx (the region of the throat between the soft palate and the epiglottis, including the tonsils, base of tongue and uvula) scientifically suppport the warning that has the purpose to protect the human life. There is also a link to the translated version of the study in Greek.

At the end, His Emminence concludes:

“We are obliged to stress that the terminology of the two websites in reference to the described vulgar practice is unacceptable. But it demonstrates the frightening tradegy when body organs are”  not used as destinated.

“Therefore with fatherly love and kindly ask all those responsible for shaping the public opinion …to finally perceive their responsibility and their duty towards the sacred person of man and the greatest gift of God, the life.”

 Amen? 🙂

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  1. KTG, with all the extremely sexy women in Greece, I’ll take my chances with Cancer….

  2. I have no means of confirming a recent Tweet revealing that her Excellency Hillary – after the declaration of the Metropolitan of Piraeus – jumped up and started chanting: “Monica, thou shall burn in hell …”! If true, enough said in a spiritual way.

  3. Was this published before or after Parliament Speaker Evangelos Meimarakis and Prokopis Pavlopoulos had their all too public ‘exchange’?
    And very encouraging to read that at least one Metropolitan is clearly stating he is not homophobic. But God is definitely Greek as he/she never can be accused of working fast and he/she still works in mysterious ways. Amin. 🙂