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Athens: Troika Team Chased & Harassed by Municipality Workers

This is the third incident within 24 hours and I slowly believe, representatives and technical teams of the so-called Troika, Greece’s lenders from the IMF, the EU and the ECB, should start thinking to change their suits with some knight armor like in the good old Middle Ages*.

Earlier on Tuesday, municipality workers chased members of a Troika technical team as they were trying to meet with Greek majors from the Central Union of Municipalities (KEDE). However the municipality workers union tried to hinder the meeting.

They blocked the KEDE entrance with overturned garbage bins. When the team arrived, the workers started to chase them, to throw water bottles at them and use the usual …French.
Proto Thema speaks even of “kicks” and “hurled coffees”.

Video: a rather distressed member of the Troika leaving KEDE after being harassed by municiaplity workers.

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According to NewsIt.gr the team started to run and in the tension of the moment, the workers chased also the interpret, a young woman. She sought refugee in a book store, near by.

When the situation turned back to normal, the Troika team met the majors and I assume gave them a very long list with austerity measures like layf-offs, wages and bonuses cuts.

Speaking to NewsIt, deputy chairman of Municipality Workers Union said ‘it was a spontaneous move from the side of the workers”.

On Tuesday morning, IMF’s Poul Thomsen almost landed in a private gym to avoid disabled protester outside the Labour Ministry. On Monday morning, the Troikans were exposed to the vulgar language of angry protesters, while they were trying to reach the Finance Ministry.

*They get our labour rights and conditions back to the Middle Ages anyway…

PS These are really ugly uncidents and I will comment about it on a later point.

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  1. Congratulations guys you were just linked to by zero hedge. That is one the most read financial blogs here in the U.S. If you are linked to by zero hedge you have definitely made it into the big time. Here is the link if you want to post it.

  2. Better luck next time, angry Greeks.

  3. Καλημέρα, looks like you made it to the news on Zerohedge.com with this story! Keep up the good work….

  4. The Greek should chase and harass the corrupt rich and corrupt politicians in their country. All these people with their big houses, boats and swimming pools.

    • Having a big house, boat or swimming pool is not proof of being corrupt or being a politician…
      But you are indeed right, they should harass those guilty of corruption and tax evasion as well as those trying to implement recipes that will lead to generations of poverty.

  5. Throw the Troika bums out of the country, I say. Overthrow the government and drop the Euro. Renounce all debt and you are a lot better off. The government of ND and PASOK only cares about bankers, IMF and the wealth-destroying Euro. Throw em all out, or in jail.