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IMF’s Lagarde: “Too Early to Say Greek Program Failed”

“There are good developments in Greece,” IMF head Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday, stressing that the government has come very close to reach primary surplus and that it records progress in competitiveness.

Asked by a Bloomberg report why the Greek program fails, Lagarde replied that it is too early to judge something like that as the Troika has not completed its mission.

“However, the Troika and the Greek government come even closer to determine the measures for additional cuts and the increase of revenues in order to close the budget deficit for this part of the program,” she added.

Christine Lagarde stressed that still a lot has to be done concerning the program control “but it’s wrong to assume that the program has failed. ” (via Proto Thema)

If one takes into consideration the IMF’s exposed wrong forecasts for recession and unemployment in Greece, I can’t but to advice Lagarde to get a job as a clown, once she get retired…

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