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Troika Out of Control: Suggests Greeks Living on Small Islands Be …Relocated

This morning I wrote about Troikans being paranoid with a disease developing at full speed. Just hours later, my prediction came true. It’s all over the Greek press, that the Troika suggested that Greeks residing on islands with less than 150 inhabitants should be relocated somewhere else! This insane demand was allegedly revealed by Minister of Maritime Affairs Kostas Mousouroulis while he was attending a meeting with representatives of the maritime sector.

 “At a meeting I had with the troika representatives they asked me to evacuate Greek islands with up to 150 inhabitants, because they are a burden to the state budget,” the minister said. “I immediately told them, you are crazy. We do not negotiate on this.” (Proto Thema)

The demand spread like a wild fire across the media, enforcing the Finance and the Maritime Affairs ministries to dismiss the claims.

Speaking to, Mousouroulis described the claims as a “bad joke” and more or less the same was the statements issued by both ministries. The rumors have nothing to do with reality,” said the FinMin statement.

 Apparently their is also a dismiss by a spokeswoman of EU Commisssioner Olli Rehn.

After the official statements Proto Thema wrote:

“The Maritime Ministry tried to downgrade the issue and sources said that the demand was not proposed to the minister but to some ministry officials at a meeting with Troika’s technical team.”

Of course, now everybody wants to know who was the Troika-genious that came up with such an idea.

Meanwhile a lot of websites published lists of the island with less than 150 inhabitants. These are among others: Gavdos (150), Gaidouronisi (3), Pserimos (130), Kato Koufonisi (60), Telendos (54), Antikythira (44).

Ar real risk is the island of Irakleia with 151 inhabitants. Full List here.

Despite the official rejections of the news, it looks as if the proposal was made indeed by some member of the Troika technical team.

Speaking at the Parliament, Interior Minister Evripidis Stylianidis said:

“The foolishness of any foreign employee does not express the official politics of Greece.” (

PS insanity attacks can be taken under control with the help of the little miracles invented by the pharma industry. No wonder, Greeks harass the Troikans wherever they see them…






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  1. Hey what about Patroclos?? It has a few houses from what I remember when I was there last. Or do they mean only year round residents? As Patroclos is probably only summer homes, not counting the tents.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Patroclos is not inhabited, is it?

      • Actually, not sure. In the 1990s there used to be a Taverna there and I remember seeing a few homes that looked like summer places, and some people that were living in Tents too. But, that was eons ago and would love to go back there someday.

  2. Just can’t keep up with these shifting goal posts. But obviously, the Troika will restructure Greek society one way or another.

    • restructure should read destroy… Greek society does not fit in their vision of the Neo-Liberal based ant-like society with unthinking, unquestioning herds of people carrying out brainless tasks to satisfy the greed of the insatiable few. If the Greeks, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish would only become good little pieces of factory fodder, doing as they are told, there would not be a problem.
      Try and have a life, and you will be crushed. One way or the other.

  3. Somebody needs to bring to the attention of the Troika that they are actually talking about people with history, feelings, ancestors and relatives buried on these islands…. Vegetables can be transplanted and take root in another piece of land, but these are human beings that are being discussed in such an off-the-cuff manner…. how would it be if suggestions were made to move the citizens of Nice in France to let’s say Brittany… or simply to close off some villages close to the Alps and move those people closer to the cities….

  4. This is just crazy…. The next demand will be : shooting every old man or woman over 80 years old. Too many years of pension and is sensless have him.

    • shooting is forbiden. they do it the civilized way: cut pensions, cut prescription medicine, raise participation for prescription medicine. ‘Delete humans’ should be inserted to the bailout agreement, so that we all knwo what’s going on.

  5. I don’t think this idiotic suggestion is an isolated case. 3 days ago, the Flemish regional Minister Philippe Muyters for planning offered similar suggestions for Flanders. But rather than simply evacuating certain areas, he put it differently.
    If people want to live remotely, then that choice will result in higher taxes for those people.
    This guys seems to suggest that people opting for a more remote space to live in, make a deliberate decision to cost the state more in terms of “services”, and this “attitude” must be discouraged through taxing them more. As far as he is concerned, remote living is a “lifestyle choice” and it’s a luxury.
    Instead of being “selfish” and insisting on this asocial attitude of living remotely, people should, according to him, embrace the idea of living in communities with communal gardens, and compact accommodation space. He muttered the idea of “kangaroo living”, meaning that young people should in fact stay at home, living with their parents.

    Little boxes on the hill side… (well, no hill sides in Flanders, but lots of little boxes). And of course, a nice little side effect of this kind of policy is the MUCH easier control of a concentrated bunch of people instead of a spread out population.

    I have a very strong suspicion that the “suggestion” floated by the Troika gangsters could mean that Greece is once again being singled out as a test ground for future population control through the introduction of “living zones”, possibly right next to “special economic zones” to make life easy, you know?

  6. “I don’t think this idiotic suggestion is an isolated case”. Yes – always worth watching out for signs that some policy has been formed in the depths of Brussels. And will then be imposed on all of us, while our “national” leaders ( ha, ha, ha ) pretend that it was their idea.

  7. Their plan is simple. First step is the emptying of greek islands, and second selling the islands to the rich.

  8. Another poster figured it out; next to the archeological and historical sites, Greece’s biggest financial assets are its ilands. From the beginning of the crisis the EU’s plans were to get the money and assets from the poor to the rich…they’ll sell or develop those islands and the Greeks won’t see a dime because all proceeds will be given to the EU moneylenders. It’s faster than trying to track down illegal money of the politicians and the rich, and those people have friends who will protect them from prosecution. The entire reason for the EU was to redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich, and it’s worked.

  9. Well, if you insist on that people can stay on these islands then I assume you are ok with cutting pensions just a little bit further?

    Or do you expect -as usual- that foreigners (i.e Germans) pay for this while the Greek themselves can sit back and enjoy the sun?