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Thessaloniki: Soldiers on the Streets as Part of Security Measures Forces

Despite assurances from the Greek Army two days ago, that no soldiers will be part of  the security measures forces during the National Day parade, armed soldiers are being seeing arraying next to riot policemen during the military parade in Thessaloniki! 

 Video: Armed Soldiers as “policemen”…

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The presence of armed soldiers in guarding the parade, triggered the reaction of some protesters: “Soldiers are people’s sons, they have nothing to do with riot police,” they were shouting.

Defence news portals like Onalert  demand explanations from the government for the use of the 71. Brigade as “policemen for the VIP” as it characteristically comments.

The military parade in Thessaloniki took place under draconian security measures, with barricades to keep spectators several meters away from the event. President Karolos Papoulias and Defence Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos attended the parade.

 Are the soldiers trained to combat protesters? Military Exercise “Kallimachos” that took place on 4. February 2011 had caused cold showers on the spines of many Greeks old enough to remember the military dictatorship (1967-1974)

*Military Exercise “Kallimachos”

On February 4th,  2011 a military exercise took place in the military camp Koromilas in Argyroupolis of Kilkis, North-Eastern Greece. Soldiers were dressed as protesters. The video, first uploaded by, showed the combat of widespread protests, ‘terrorist attacks, clashes with protesters, neutralizing bombs and other activities. The event was part of the military exercise “Kallimachos”.

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