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Student Expelled from School for Raising Her Fist During National Day Parade

A 17-year-old student has been suspended from school, a punishment she received for raising her fist during the National Day parade, on October 28th 2012. The student of a public school in the city of Pyrgos, Ilia (Peloponnese), reacted to the punishment saying that “a school director is not a judge to give sentences. She should provide knowledge and educate, should create tomorrow’s active and free citizens who defend their rights. I got punished because I defended life and dignity.”

Also during March 25th parade, the girl had raised her hand forming the sign of victory. she was not punished back then, but had only received recommendations by the school director.

The punishment triggered reactions and many discussions in the local community. Her schoolmates refrained from attending classes but they were apparently threatened that the traditional 5-day-excursion would not take place. So they gave up the solidarity protest.

The student is the daughter of a teacher.

According to local news portal , the school director said that the student was punished for “impropriet behavour” towards her and dismissed claims the punishment had politicla motive.

In Troika-times of economic recession and unemployment, many school students use the parade and the presence of politicians to protest the austerity measures.

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  1. Below is a comment I received through KTG-email/feed

    “To whom it concerns

    I wanted to put up a comment but cannot. Can you do it for me. It is for the article about the girl being expelled from school.

    Too bad Greece did not have a First Amendment like the US has;otherwise, she would be protected and could have sued the school. If Obama gets another four years we could very well see an end to the Constitution. Greece needs a First Amendment as well.



  2. Why did she raise her fist? What exactly does it signify? I would think people could just raise their fists when overwhelmed with a strong feeling. I don’t know what her reasons were, but it seems very harsh to me that the school would suspend her.

  3. Hi KTG,

    This note from Mike is typical anti-Obama propaganda. So, to be in style, let me tell you about Romney. If Romney wins, then in the near future, get ready for our next adventure called “Iran-Syria” and all the fun refugees flooding to a Greece near you!!!

    With Obama, we have a civilized “World minded” president in a world where Cowboy diplomacy and “America first” mentality may have been OK in the 1950-1980s, but now we are all living in this world together and have to share it, and Obama is a new vision for this.

    Vote Romney and get ready to let the Anti-Americanism in Greece begin once again…..

  4. Homie, do you actually think that the victory of obama rather than romney would change anything in american world exploitation/war policy?

    • Well, Saya, has America invaded any countries lately? Even with Libya, Europeans took the lead on this and the USA was in the background. With Romney and the Republicans, we do not go in the background. We will lead the charge.

      So, i think that with the Democrats, whatever actions we take in war will be with the approval of the European Union, and our Western allies in general. So, the blame will be shared evenly, but with RuTHUGlicans, “America First” and foremost towards our Military goals and get out of my way to anyone who challenges us.

      This is what I see the differences.

      It’s like an old saying. What’s the difference between Dems and Repubs? Repubs hit the table and say, “GIVE ME YOUR OIL”, and Dems say, “MAY I HAVE YOUR OIL PLEASE”…

  5. This is a typical example of everything that is wrong with “the system”.

    If the principle of that school had an ounce of brainpower in the right place, this young woman whould have been offered every opportunity and assistance to formulate and verbalise her “protest” in such a way that her silent gesture of raising a fist becomes a basis for dialogue and discussion instead of a reason to exclude her from a society she so obviously cares about.

    This is simply another way of shooting the messenger instead of hearing the message. Has anybody asked this young woman about her thoughts, hopes, and fears for her future and the future of her country. The raising of her fist is, I would think, much more an act of frustration than an act of rebellion. Giving her a chance to vent the frustration in a postiive way would not only do her the world of good, it would even give some food for thought to everybody else. As proper education should do.

  6. To me, she looks innocent.