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Athens: Angry Mob Destroys Migrants’ Shops – One Migrant Stabbed

The district of Agios Panteleimon turned into a “battlefield” during the last days after the attack against a local hairdresser that sparked a storm of reactions by residents and provided opportunity to right-wing extremists to start violent actions against migrant vendors, with the pictures of the damages to remind one of ‘pogroms’ against Greeks in the 50’s in Istanbul and Jews in Germany in the 30’s.

On Friday night an angry mob of some 100 people started to smash the windows of shops belonging to migrants. Soon the situation went out of control with the effect that almost every shop with name and signboard in foreign letters became target of the attackers like an internet cafe, a grocery store… Shop equipment was destroyed, while there are also reports of some looting.

In the turmoil, a migrant of Algerian origin was found stabbed and was rushed to the hospital. His condition is stable.

The incidents that started at the corner Acharnon & Agiou Meletioy streets started with a small group of residents to protest the increasing of crime in the area. Soon the number of protesters grew from 30 to 100. At the same time, migrant residents had started to gather to protest attacks against them.

Eye-witnesses report that the mob chased migrants, while some were threatened with knives.

Greek police that was deployed in the area fired tear gas to disperse the angry crowd and detained 12 people. It is not known whether the detainees were Greeks, foreigners or both.

Cause for the violent outbreak was an incident two days earlier where a robber broke into a hairdresser salon in the nearby Michail Voda street and attacked the hairdresser with a knife. The culprit was allegedly from Africa.

Sources and more pictures: ProtoThema, Zougla, NewsIt,

PS it is interesting that while the government is pushing through the parliament the 3rd loan agreement against the Greek citizens, some citizens of this country violently attack the foreigners instead of staging peaceful protests against the government.

 UPDATE: Also on Saturday night, residents and extremists gathered to protest the increasing crime and according to media reports, the mob smashed also entrance of homes where migrants live in.


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‘Protesters’ chant the ancient Spartans war slogan “Η ταν ή επι τας” – “Either it or on it” – either you bring back the shield, or you are brought back on it [dead].

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  1. Violence to help ‘a small group of residents to protest the increasing of crime in the area.’ that action is like having sex to keep your virginity!

  2. If all the foreigners were to leave Greece, the misery would still go on. The greedy politicians in the government who don’t care about the people would still have the same attitudes. Mob violence is always ugly. Here is some against Greeks about 100 years ago that I saw posted in an article about the GD overseas:

  3. This is the perfect example why Greece should be left out of EU lol.
    They destroy shops of honest people who pay taxes and work hard for their sins.
    Greece is turning into a religious fundamentalist and fanatic and fascism country where people have no respect for each other.
    I clearly wish that the troika wont give them the money.
    Although it wouldn’t make much difference just delay the inevitable.
    Any party who preaches racism should be banished from the parliament.
    The fact that they don’t do it clearly says everything .
    I really hope they get what they deserve lol.
    interesting fact that 70 percent of the rich in Greece don’t pay taxes
    that clearly shows the real face of the story.
    Hello new Afghanistan.

    • Not all Greeks are doing this, only a small percentage of the whole population, but all like all extremes (Facists, Communists etc) they make the whole bunch look bad. So, remember that if you are going to paint them all with same brush.

  4. Protesters chant the ancient Spartans war slogan “Η ταν ή επι τας”

    Beautiful – looks like the spartan shield is becoming a powerful symbol all across Europe soon

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you are not serious

    • giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

      As this looks like the real Dorian Invasion these bumfukks should scream their slogans in Doric Greek.

    • You are absolutely right. But I also don’t hear a massive uproar against it. I see too many shoulders shrug.

    • It might well be. But then I will gladly stand by and look how the wet dream you are probably having about it will get smashed to where the sun don’t shine. As Sparta never stood for the fascist muck the Nazis and their later day poodles like(d) to construct of it. And seeing people who are calling themselves Greeks, showing this little knowledge of their own history is telling enough of their sorry and sordid state of mind.