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UPD: “Hell Days” Ahead as Public Transport Workers Go on Strike (Strike Schedule)

Days of hell on earth and unbelievable trouble are awaiting millions of passengers, especially people who own no private car. But even motorists will see themselves stuck for hours in traffic jams as the public transport system will practically collapse and there will be no other way for people to move around.

The strikes will have their peak Tuesday-Wednesday, November 6th and 7th 2012, when public and private sector unions have called for massive actions to protest the additional mammoth austerity measures package that they call ‘structural reforms’.

Below the Strike Schedule of the week November 5-9, 2012:

Monday:  Metro, urban train ISAP/HSAP, Tram.

Tuesday: Metro, urban train, Tram, Buses, Trolley, Trainose and Proastikos (all)

Wednesday: Buses, Trolley, Trainose-train and Proastiakos

Metro and Urban Train ISAP/HSAP will operate after 3 p.m. until the end of night shift. However there will be no metro connection to/from Athens Airport.

The Tram will operate after 12 o’clock noon.

Thurday-Friday: Metro, urban  train, Tram

Please, note that also taxis have also launched 24-hour rolling strikes and thus across the country.

Also on strike will be the Seamen (ferries, ships, boats) 48-hour strike Tuesday-Wednesday November 6th & 7th

Air traffic controllers: (flights) 3-hour work stoppage Tuesday, November 6th, from 10 in the morning until 1 o’clock noon.

 See also: Strike schedule November 6-7/2012


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  1. I just read the following quote on Reuters by a woman who works at a kebab shop in Athens:

    “I haven’t been paid for eight months, but I know nothing will change if I quit, so I’m waiting. Maybe I’ll get paid one day. Maybe a miracle will happen.”

    In no other country that I know of this would be possible. Either the judiciary or the unions would have made minced meat of that employer. But not in Greece. And she is not the exception, but the rule.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes, we have written about it many times. if she quits she loses her rights and claims. and she has almost 0% chance to get another job. not to mention the depression she will fall in. But this does not definetly mean employers have no money. it’s seems to me a rather mass mentality not to pay workers.

      • It give sthe concept of cheap labour a totally new meaning. The mandarins in Brussesl and Berlin will be happy. The promise of payment gets people to work all day, every day for months on end? Much better than they ever dreamed of.

      • I hear you. But there is also an awful lot of ‘cap-in-hand’ mentality around. But that’s another topic maybe. Yes, the total lack of real unionism and working legal system is killing people left right and center.