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Athens Anti-Austerity Protests – Live Stream, Nov 7/2012

Thousands have rushed outside the Greek Parliament on Wednesday evening to protest the austerity package that is due to be voted at midnight. With Banners and anti-austerity slogans, members of trade unions and political parties from the opposition raise their voice against a bill that will further crack the back bones of the society.

The protest started at 5 p.m. and estimations speak of 60,000 protesters.

Live Stream

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Poice proceeded to some ‘preventive detentions’.

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  1. Ah hERE you are! 😆
    Looks like more people then in the last 12 months or so. And even some demonstrators on the steps of parliament with a banner?

    • Maybe Mr. Policeman is thinking of his own butt today, or holding out to get his wage linked to the MP wages before acting?
      Looks and feels like an angry crowd. With reason I would think…

      • Hoodies couldn’t have that: Mr. Policeman on the side of the demonstrators. Was wondering where they were. And yes, they came just after 7. Lot of expensive fuel burned. Police has new CS-gas. Demo over. All home. And tomorrow it is business as usual.
        Nice job hoodies. I am sure you all will get paid handsomely by your bosses. 🙁

        • keeptalkinggreece

          can’t answer any comments right now. the hell is going on in and outside the parliament.

        • Those hoodies remind me of the pests we had hanging around in 1960s during the anti-Vietnam war demonstations in Paris and Brussels. At some stage we were in Brussels, some 25,000 or so students and trade unionists, and a similar gang of “agitators” as they were then called, started creating havoc. They promptly got surrounded by 1000s of students and given some of there own medicine. The day after there were an unusually high number of damaged trainee-police around the place…
          Riot police everywhere will always claim to have been provoked into action. It puts them on the right side of the law, just in case…If need be, they’ll provide the provocation.

          • Darn Ephilant, look what they are doing to us. Even WE start to agree on things! 😆

          • keeptalkinggreece

            LOL Antonis LOL united you stand, together they fall ! and I report about it 🙂

          • LOL!!!! Old revolutionairies never die… they just fade away!….. Or are now called to go for diner and the struggle has to wait for a while 😉

          • This is my week! Americans gave me a presidential election as a birthday present, now people start agreeing with me! Sure you’re feeling alright :)??

          • keeptalkinggreece

            What? you had birthday yesterday??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, all the best!

  2. Now and again I still have one, yes. Try to space them as wide apart as possible, but… Anyway, thanking you!
    You know, this is getting dangerous. When people start agreeing, they might not have a need for politicians any longer. And what will the poor guys then do?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      we’re getting bored of politics and exhausted by disagreements and anger and start to agree with each other. hm… a step before depression.

      • Or the long awaited “Eureka” moment?
        What you are witnessing is the snake devouring itself, from the tail up. Just a shame it’s got to trash about like this while doing it.
        The danger is it chokes on itself and suddenly dies, leaving a vacuum in governance. Anything can happen then, and I mean anything.

        • All the best wishes and a lot of good years I hope for you!
          And yes, I agree with that snake analogia too. 😉
          And nice to ask if I am alright. The answer is plainly “no”, because I am away from Greece now and miss the damned place and my fellow villagers. It’s gonna be a long and cold winter here in the NW of Europe… my first in a very long time. 🙁

          • @ AntonisX Thank you, I do indeed hope to add plenty more years to the considerable collection so far 🙂
            As for being away from home, look at it this way. It won’t make it easier, just a little more acceptable.
            At some stage you’ll be able to explain to the grand children why they need to nurture and honour their home if they want it to be a home and a place to be proud off. If we all do that, the world becomes our common home, and we’ll never be lonely. If all of us can tell 1 child and make it believe, the world will indeed be a better place than it is today. The Gods know we need to start believing again…