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Athens: Molotov Cocktails Outside the Parliament – Live Stream Nov 7/2012

Tension broke out after 6.30 pm outside the Parliament when a group started to throw molotov cocktail bombs at the direction of the Parliament.

Police used water cannons and fired tear gas to disperse the rioters.


The mass of protesters, estimated to be 100,000 people, have been cut into do.

However despite the rain and the riots people do not go away.

Live Stream

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Protesters are estimated 100,000 people.
A war of stones and fired bombs is taking place right now.

Demonstration body has broke into pieces.

 8:00 pm

There are reports that police wildly fires tear gas to disperse the crowd of protesters. protesters still there.

One of the biggest demonstrations of the last two years, say some Greek TV.

9:00 pm

Heavy rain in Athens right now. Protesters left the area seeking shelter.

10 pm

reports speak of 70 detentions, 2 arrests and 5 injured citizens.

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  1. Great to see how police and hoodies work together in systimatically emptying Syntagma. First from Grande Bretagne to Ermou and now up on back to parliament. So the peaceful demonstrators have to withdraw from there too…
    Wasn’t there talk, way back, that lots of those hoodies were in fact kids of the MPs inside?
    So, we now have family… eh sorry… parliamentairy staff… of MPs inside walking out to protect there interests of there own and possibly family of them outside leading the police into cleaning up the demonstration.
    And who said that Greeks can’t organize??? Germans eat your harts out!

    • At least to the left of parliament there are still demonstrators standing. Bravo! to them!

    • This is one of the most stupid conspiracy theory I read in long time.

      Even if everyone was peaceful, what do you think would happen? How is standing outside suppose to help ordinary working class people in Greece?

      I don’t want to fetishize violence here as there is too much smashy smashy in Greek anti-authoritative left scene and definitely not enough class war stuff but what you wrote here is completely out of reality and even more pointless that smashing some shop glass.

      • It is not a theory. I was just describing, here and in the other topic, what I saw happening. And this is not the first time. The same movements could been seen almost every bigger demonstration in the last couple of years. Tonight it was so predictable that even my feeling about WHEN it would start was right. But you still might be right and it’s all coincidence and stupid. 😉

  2. you need more than stones to fight the Gestapo.. the Banksters are just laughing at you..