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Greek FinMin Exempts from Pension Cuts People with 80% Disability

In a last minute action and after pressure from coalition partner PASOK, Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras exempted from pension cuts people with 80% disability. MP Koukoulopoulos had threatened to down vote the austerity package bill, should there be no exception for the heavily disabled.

Stournaras said that the 30 million euro not saved from these pensions will need ‘equivalent measures’ and that there will be more cuts for the pensions between 1,500-2,000 euro. According to austerity package, currently in vote at the Parliament, this pension category is scheduled to undergo 10% cuts. This percentage will have to be higher now.

Primary and supplementary pensions in a total amount over 1,000 euro will undergo following cuts:

1,000-1,500 euro 5%, 1,500-2,000 euro 10%, 2,000+ euro 15% (however the remaining amount cannot be less than 1,800 euro).

Furthermore, all bonuses (Christmas, Easter and vacation, i.e. 13th and 14th pension) will be cut even for the low pensioners of 350-600 euro per month.

Greek media report that the decision to exempt the heavily disabled was taken by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

However with the regulations revised in May 2012, only very severe cases of disability get 80%. 

A friend was saying that her father, unable to speak, move, communicate and eat since 5 years got an 80% disability. “That is the patient has 20% ability as he breaths and has heart beat”, she stressed ironically.

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  1. Politics on the fly, make it up as we go, as long as it gets the votes. And to hell with the country afterwards…