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Athens: Protest Outside Parliament as MPs Debate Budget 2013

Minor tension occurred on Sunday evening when several protesters pushed down the barricades outside the Greek Parliament chanting slogans against the police. The incident ended with some protesters entering the area directly in front of the Parliament.


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While protest groups from trade unions and opposition parties had left the area, a group of protesters tried to block the traffic, riot police kettled them and disperse the crow in a sweeping action.

Protester with V for Vendeta – Anonymous mask


A group of some 1,000 protesters are still outside the parliament.


201 ευρώ σύνταξη!

Banner: 210 euro pension

Members of trade unions and opposition parties gathered outside the Parliament to protest the Budget 2013 and the troika imposed austerity measures. According to estimation, protesters were not more than 15,000 people.

The voting will tak eplace at midnight and Samaras’ government is confident that Budget 2013 will pass with minor losses. The government expects 167-168 votes.

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