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Angry Greek Bond Holders Ηarass PASOK Leader Venizelos over PSI

Dozens of  Greek bond holders harassed former Finance Minister – now PASOK leader – Evangelos Venizelos and ex deputy finance minister Philipppos Sachinidis outside the Bank of Greece on Wednesday afternoon.

Protest banner “Thieves. Bring our money back”

The angry and frustrated Greeks spoke out heavy insults against Venizelos and attacked his car with fists and kicks.

The small investors blame Venizelos and Sachinidis and hold them responsible for having lost half of their savings after the Greek bond swap (PSI) last March.

 Video: protesters/police

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The group had a series of contacts with politicians in the past and they were apparently assured that they would find solution to their problem. So far nothing has been done.

Small bond holders claim that they had to be excluded from the PSI as it had happened to Argentines.

Video: protester

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I lost 30,000 euro, savings of all my life. 35 years of work. After all these cuts and taxes,  I can’t come along with my pension of 1,200 euro. I can’t survive, can’t pay utilities, emergency taxes.”

Sachinidis managed to enter the bank but Venizelos left the area before things got out of control. Strong riot police forces came after the incident was over.

Venizelos and Sachinidis had an appointment with the governor of Bank of Greece at 6 o’ clock Wednesday. The appointment was known to the public as the meeting was published by the Greek press via newspapers and television broadcasts.

The frustrated protesters took their chance to go and express their anger to the former finance ministers.

Later in the evening PASOK issued a statement blaming the police for negligence and the protesters for ‘organizing fascist-like happenings’:

“Greek police did not do what it had to do in order to secure an institutionalized function.

It is worth questioning why ‘indignant’ bond holders do not address the government and the parties that gave them easy pre-election promises but they turn to PASOK that has repeatedly offered them the only possible efficient solutions that perfectly protect their interests.

Unfortunately, those who attempt to exploit the bond holders and push them with a win to several deadlocked actions and demands, organize several fascist-like happenings instead of adopting the proposed solutions.” (newsit,

PS Oops! ‘fascist-like happenings’?




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  1. Well, somebody who gives money to the Greek government and expects them to pay it back is naive at best. Bond holders already learned that lesson, ECB and Eurozone governments are yet to make this experience.