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Greek Journalist Kostas Vaxevanis to be Tried Again over Lagarde-List

Journalist Kostas Vaxevanis will be tried again over the disclosure of the s0-called Lagarde-List containing the names of 2,059 Greeks with bank accounts at HSBC, Geneva branch. The editor of magazine HOT DOC will be on trial, after a prosecutor appealed the court decision that acquitted him on November 2nd 2012.

The Prosecution considers as “legally erroneous” the acquittal judgment of the court and that the publishing of Lagarde-List breaches privacy data.

According to TA NEA daily, sources from the prosecutor’s office said that the appeal comes after complains by citizens and lawyers.

Kostas Vaxevanis was acquitted by a Flagrant Instance court although despite prosecutor’s objection.

Here the full story about Vaxevanis and lagarde-List. His arrest beginning of the month had triggered an outrage and was published by mainstream international media.


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  1. The courts and politicians accuse him of a breech of Privacy laws.

    What a load of crap. Since when has the courts and justice system been upholding the law properly?

    He is a journalist and a jounalists job is to reveal scandals and corruption in the public service.

    He was just doing his job right. Not doing the job the public service wants him to do for them to keep the truth away from the people.

    Those that should be prosecuted are the big fish in the Greek nightmare because it is they that have put the country in this situation and cause so much suffering and death to the Greek people.

    Instead of our population increasing and live happily and proud as proud people should be. They are making it extremely difficult for the people. The politicians past and present are the enemies of the state and are leading Greece in a catastrophic spiral and condition that is worse than the “Katohi” of the past.

  2. There once was a list called Legarde
    To which officials paid little regard
    Until Kostas attested
    And was swiftly arrested
    Lest the repute of the dodgers be marred

  3. I take it there’s money in the pot to re-trial Mr Vaxevanis? Get over it Mr Prosecutor…move on – far more worrying concerns happening than this!! The man was cleared and rightly so.