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Greeks in Crisis: Life in a shopping cart and a plastic roof over the head

Men and women without job, without income. Men and women without home… A super market cart to carry what is left from once a descent home: some clothes stuffed in bags. Some blankets. A sleeping bag. A camping gas, a pot and a spoon. And a roof of plastic to give shelter from November rain and cold.

 In an open park, somewhere in Greece.

No, we didn’t have such pictures here: in Greece of 2012, the third salvation year of the Troika, the Loan agreements and the austerity package bills.

‘Tourists’ in their own countries, ‘campers’ by the force of law.

Greeks in 2012, Greeks in crisis.






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  1. And some blind Parliamentarian in Greece (not sure of name) said today that with all this, the EU is governing us by email. I had to think that was a bit funny (sad), but it’s true right that the Troika sent a few extra demands by email. Although it’s a bit presumptious to think that the Greek government knows how to use email (LOL).. Sure they do, but….

    • how do you think the Troika communicate with the Greeks? per fax and email. Out of fear someboy would miss a dot or comma, if the very long list of demands would be dictated through the telephone.
      his name is Kouroublis.

  2. I didn’t know he was blind at first, just thought he was cool with the glasses, but then I figured it out. Seems like a smart guy.

    • he was PASOK MP but last march was expelled when he didn’t vote for II. Memorandum. He is now SYRIZA MP