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Van Rompuys’ Proposal on EU Budget

A copy of latest proposal for the EU budget had been obtained by Open Europe Blog. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy proposes that the headline spending figure remains broadly unchanged in the new proposal, standing at €1,014bn (a €4bn increase), but more cash is spent on farm subsidies and structural funds, in a move designed to appease France, Poland, Italy and Spain.

No figure is given for payments appropriations – the figure that the UK government is targeting – but given that this figure has widely been cited to be €940bn, it’s likely that it’ll have to come down more if acceptable to the UK (with the government’s initial proposal at €886bn).

Also, just like with the previous draft, the latest van Rompuy proposal foresees cuts to the UK rebate – which is a non-starter for Britain


See full report here.

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  1. Eu tells every member country they need to cut the gov. budget. They should follow their own advice.
    Europe was better off when it was just a tradeunion. We should go back to that and let every country handle their own national currency.

  2. Conflicting interests: The poor countries want to get more money from the EU; The rich countries want to have or keep their discounts from the EU.
    So, everybody wants more money out of Brussels. But nobody wants to pay for it. Looks like they have learned a ‘valuable’ lessen from the Greek way of doing things the last 35 years or so…