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Ministry Investigates Racist Violence Against Migrants By Greek Police

Dozens of unknown incidents of racist violence, arbitrariness and abuse of office by members of the Greek Police are publish today in Sunday edition of news paper TO ETHNOS. Torture, insulting and even theft are the among the complaints filed by migrants and migrants human rights organisations.

Η μαύρη φάλαγγα της Χρυσής Αυγής στην ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

 A list of cases records the appalling detains of fascist practices by member of Greek police, practices that are completely ‘harmonized’ with the practices of extreme right Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).

Βασανιστήρια άλλων εποχών

Among the cases under investigation by the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Police are: torture, insults of sexual dignity, theft, extortion, but also destruction of legal document.

From the preliminary results of the investigation, it looks as if in the majority of the incidents listed, the police officers involved apparently keep -in addition to a common mindset – also ‘loyal’ relations with the Golden Dawn.

14/8/2012 – Aigaleo (Egaleo/ Western Athens)
Torture from other times

Not only insulted and mocked about their origin but they were tortured and humiliated. According to complaint by Pakistani community police officers at Egaleo blackened with pliers one migrant’s nails and cut off with scissors of another arrested. The policemen abused with vulgar racist jokes the two Pakistani nationals, who were detained.

13/7/2012 – Agios Panteleimon (Athens district)
Albanian woman with English passport beaten

The woman of Albanian origin had come for holidays in Greece. She visited Agios Panteleimon police station to declare the theft of her mobile phone. Instead, when they found she was of Albanian origin, police officers beat her. The incident was recorded by the Observatory of Police brutality.

6/6/2012 – Police station Municipality Theater /Piraeus

Russian Beaten

The filed complaint was never published. Last June a Russian national filed a complaint via his lawyer that he had been beaten and was tortured by police officers of Piraeus and of the Police Headquarters.

Πριν από μερικά χρόνια, οι εικόνες αστυνομικής βίας στο Τμήμα Ομονοίας είχαν συγκλονίσει το Πανελλήνιο. Σήμερα, τα περιστατικά πυκνώνουν, καταδεικνύοντας τις «αγαστές» σχέσεις μεταξύ ΕΛ.ΑΣ. και Χ.Α.

21/10/2012 – Police station Municipality Theater /Piraeus

Put migrants to beat each other

According to to the complaint, police officer  took her out of detention wards two prisoners, struck them with fists and kicks and put another prisoner to beats them. In response to the reaction of another prisoner to the event, the police officer took him out of the ward as well and bate him with punches in the face, while he was also routinely insulted them with racist expressions.

Βασανιστήρια με πένσα στα νύχια των μεταναστών

25/7/2012 – Liosion (district of Athens)
The robbed him and threw him from the balcony

Police stormed a house where a foreigner was living and started to beat him in order to blackmail him. According to the complaint filed by the Movement “Uniting Against Fascist Threat”, the police threw him from the balcony!

18/9/2012 – Peristeri (Western Athens)
Kicks because he was seeking work

At the junction of Thebes and Pelasgias, police of the DIAS units proceeded against migrants seeking for work.
Police officers stopped in front of an electronic shop where laborers seeking work. During the papers control of a foreigner, the police officer hit him with kicks and punches and insulted him.

16/10/2012 – Omonia Square
Violence against Korean tourist

The tourist from South Korea fell the victim of police violence in the context of  Operation “Xenios Zeus” [ police detains illegal migrants, takes them to detention centres and expels them from the country] • Police officers (one wearing t-shirt with “Police” sign and on in civilian clothes) controlled the Korean tourist. When he asked their IDs. one policeman punched him in the face. When the tourist screamed for help, two other policemen rushed to the spot and bate him with punches in the face, abdomen, flanks, they stepped on him so he would fall on the ground and handcuffed him. The violence continued also at the police station and the tourist could hear from the many beats. When police found out he was resident of Korea, they let him go. When he asked another officer where is the exit, he told him “Korean, go back to your home country.”

These are only some of the incidents against foreigners during the last months.(more cases Ethnos)

Minister of public order and citizen protection, Nikos Dendias, wants to even expel from the Greek police those officers involved in the violent racist incidents if the investigation results prove against them.

Dendias plans include also a reconstruction of police in order to combat police violence and abuse of office.

There were often reports in international and national media that Greek police was colluding with the fascist Golden Dawn.



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  1. This is very sad and i hear of this from other friends from Asia who go Greece. But I do not think anythinig will happen with investigation. They will not change anything, this just for media to have a nice story, and racism still gonna happen in Greece every day.

    • do not be so sure as ND party see a major politicla challenger in GD.

      • A lot of foreign politicians,commentators and press suggest to their readers and supporters that ND and GD are one and the same. GD is portrayed as the “military wing” of ND, used by ND as ” panem et circenses “, in other words a way of appeasing the public in its false perceptions of the problems Greece is facing, while selling the country down the swannie when people are happily looking the other way.
        The comments by the director of elections for ND, stating that he “has no problem with the GD policies as such” did, and continue to do far more damage abroad than anybody in Greece can imagine. It will take a serious, long-term, and decisive effort to undo that damage.
        The continued non-action against GD would suggest the Greek government sees no need for this action and has no intention of doing anything other than pay lip-service to those who demand action. One cannot wonder but why…

        • it wasn’t exactly the ND elections director, it was former prefect of Makedonia, who btw plans to create his own party. Certainly some of ND ex-voters moved to GD during the last two elections, but not only from GD the military wing of ND as these foreign policians and commentaros claim? I wouldn’t be so sure, then GD hurts ND. furthermore, it turns more and more that GD supports former dictators like Metaxas & Papadopoulos.It would be unfair for ND to claim it has same policies like GD, even if a clown says so.

  2. This kind of thing does more harm then help the tourism industry. It could make the nation’s image look bad in overseas.

    Who gains after all of this?

  3. Is there still someone who is surprised by this?
    Everyone knows that the police abuses, threatens, insults and beats for no reason.
    Everyone knows that the police and golden dawn are the same thing.
    The only one who is surprised is that ‘citizen protection” minister.
    The credibility of the police and of the Minister is zero.
    Just now the minister wants to investigate?
    Too little, too late!!

  4. This is disgraceful. I’m surprised the story about the British woman of Albanian ethnicity being assaulted hasn’t made the UK press. If it had, you can bet that UK Tourism to Greece would nosedive. Mistreating other human beings because of their colour or ethnicity is extremely horrible in itself, but beating up tourists is especially self destructive given the reliance on the Greek economy on tourism.