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Greek Police Sends Footage to Prosecutor as Golden Dawn MP Threatens Police Officers

Greek police submitted audiovisual material to the attorney of Iraklio, Crete, featuring the unprescedent insults and theats by an MP of extreme-right Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) towards police officers. The footage of was broadcast by several media.

The incident occurred on Sunday in Hersonissos area of the island of Crete, where leftists had organised an anti-Golden Dawn demonstration. Four MPs and several  GD supporters had organized a meeting at the hotel Belvedere. The leftists had gathered outside the hotel. Strong riot police forces had cordoned the area outside the hotel to prohibit the two groups to come too close to each other.

GD supporters attempting to break police barrier

Greek media report that Ilias Kasidiaris had attempted to break the police cordon and threatened the police officers who are not allowing him to pass.

Police keeps an eye on anti-GD protesters

Kasidiaris asked the police to open the barriers so that he himself repels the protesters. On a video by, the deputy tells police officers “I will f…. you all. You have my word, you will have deads by night.” he threatens to sue them for “misconduct” and says “You sit and play with …., how am I going to hold the event?” 


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On Monday, GD issued a statement speaking of ’30 unwashed Syriza supporters” who organized anti-GD protests and claiming that such protests occur only against the GD, a party elected to the parliament.

Masks are Falling

As masks fall one after the other under the pressure of delusional power-fantasies, inflated sense of omnipotence and over-estimations of beliefs, GD breaks more and more its cocoon and reveals its real face.

On Saturday, speaking at a GD meeting in Chania, Ilias Kasidiaris revealed that the party MPs exploits the privileges given to them as members of the parliament as especially when it comes to carry guns.

” We do not fancy to be lawmakers, of course, we exploit certain privileges, we carry guns with a license and as parliamentarians we can be ‘comfortable’ in our actions as in a case of an incident we cannot be caught [and taken to prosecutor within 48 hours].”

Not too hide is also their support to Junta: After recent praises of dictator Ioannis Metaxas (1938-1941) the extreme right-wing party can not hide its admiration to dictator Giorgos Papadopoulos (1967-1973).

MP Pappas with junta flag at Belvedere event

On Sunday, GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos, inaugurating the party offices in Larissa, said the GD was not a fascist party, using a doubtless argument.

“We are not fascists, because we are not Italians” (sic!).

The audience, some 250-300 people, chanted form time to time “Foreigners out of Greece” and “Greece belongs to Greeks”.

Michaloliakos attacked conservative Nea Dimocratia and socialist PASOK, the two (ex) big parties that ruled Greece for almost four decades with vulgar expressions. 

sources also: skaitv,

PS A scholar has to tell us here whether the Colonels of 1967 had a racist policy against foreigners as the GD does. Give the fact, that they were backed by the USA… Not to mention the junta’s ‘racist approach against democracy’…

Vulgar language, guns, violence, racism, junta symbols, exploiting democracy… are these the features of  the “brave new Greek” the Golden Dawn is praising?



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