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Parliament Down Votes Syriza Proposal for Committee on Loan Agreement

Greek coalition government parties down voted a proposal by SYRIZA, Greece’s main left-wing opposition party, to establish a committee charged with investigating the country’s signing of the bailout deals with the EU and the IMF. During a voting on Thursday, the Syriza proposal received 167 NO and 119 YES.

Among the 14 absent were Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and former PM George Papandroeu, the man who took the debt-ridden country to IMF mechanism in May 2010.


Leader of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras apparently taken by habit that wants the main opposition party traditionally to vote against proposals in the Parliament raised his hand and ..voted NO.


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 Active Parliament Speaker: do you want me to note NO, Mr Chairman?

 Samaras coalition parties voted against the proposal apparently because such a committee would criminalize politicians. “When time comes Greek people will learn the truth but through the proper way and not with the criminalization of political behaviour” (Minister D. Stamatis)

PS when times comes… as time goes by… zzz…Who is Stamatis? No idea.

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  1. 167 rotten souls. Find a large trash-can to keep them inside for reason of environmental protection!

  2. Of course, if the behaviour is/was criminal, it then doesn’t matter whether it was political or not. But whoever Minister D. Stamatis is, he has put his finger on the problem,
    political behaviour

    This has always been the problem, because politicians, (because we, the people, have allowed them to take control instead of holding them accountable)through their political behaviour, allow themselves to be bought by the highest bidder and represent that highest bidder instead of the people. Politicians have become, because of their attitude, professional spoofers. And that is not only the reason this and other countries are in the position they are in, it is indeed also criminal and should be treated as such.

    • True. That’s why people need to make a grass-root movement to educate people. And who should take the lead? Usually, bloggers are young and educated peoples. Some how they should come together, at least on-line, to discuss what they can in their capacity to help eradicate this problem.

      I also wonder the editor-in-chief of this online newspaper has ever considered/had this kind of thought to give a helping hand to the common cause? Hello….

      • are you talking to me?

        • Oh, so you’re the editor-in-chief! Yes, I mean the BOSS of this forum 🙂

          Is there a job opening here? 🙂

          • no money, no job opening
            we are the editor-in-chief

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            A smile can bring bliss for a while! 🙂

          • why do you need a job at this blog?

          • Because I’m jobless! 🙂
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