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Tax Authorities Investigate 1,747 Greeks on “Sudden Wealth”

Former ministers and ex members of the Parliament, journalists, doctors, lawyers, businessmen but also a former chairman of a political party are being investigated by the Greek tax authorities on suspicion of sudden (and unjustified) wealth. According to newspaper “6 Meres” the list contains names of politicians but also names of leading businessmen in the hotel sector, a ship owner and a chairman of a soccer club.

 The majority of the people have their basis in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

The first orders for investigation were given in April 2011. The aim was to find out whether the wealth was real and whether it has come through legal means that can justify the differences between the financial data and the tax declarations of the people involved.

The people under investigation were identified through the “Program implementation plan against tax evasion 2010 – 2011”, with the help of the surveillance system «Elenxis» . For this purpose 32 special investigation teams were formed, but the cross-checking progresses very slowly while problems have emerged by the decision of the Finance Ministry to transfer all open cases to other control centres.

source: 6 Meres via

PS just another list with suspects of tax evasion?

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