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1.3 Million Greeks Without Job: Unemployment 26%, Among Youth 56%

Every month unemployment in Greece breaks a new record! According dat released by Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT) for September 2012: unemployment reached 26%, while the data for youth 15-24 years old skyrocketed to 56% – despite the lowering of the minimum wage for this age group down to 510 euro gross per month.  Officially, at least 1,295,203 people in Greece are without a job. Unofficially, the number is much higher as in ELSTAT survey are not included self-employed and freelancers or part-timers. More than 1,000 people lose their work place on a daily basis.

In coomparison:

September 2012: 26%

September 2011: 18.9%

August 2012: 25.3%

356,495 more jobless than in September 2011

Among women unemployment reach 30.1% (22.3% in Sept 2011), among men 22.9% (16.4% in Sept 2011).

 Among the Greek, Epirus-Western Macedonia lead with 28%, followed by Attica (Athens and broader area) 27.6%. The lowest rates are in Crete 20% and Aegean islands 22.6%.

Full ELSTAT report here

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  1. This report can be used as a “milestone” to mark the day Greece’s fate follow the Titanic 100 year ago (April 1912). It has sunk! Only a miracle or a marshall plan can rescue it. Does the Troika and IMF have that kind of money to fund a marshall plan? Probably not! Europe are gradually sliding back to the pre-20th century level. Too pessimistic? I don’t think so.

    • They have it, the ECB just lent 1000 billion euros at a very low interest rate to the european banking sector last January (LTRO operation).

      It is just a question of will. If they want to find 100 billions to save teh greek society and people through investment, they can do it.

      • Your reply points to the root issue: That is, who is the ECB? How come Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece are sovereign nations but have no, or litle money, and must go to the ECB to beg for money? There is something fundamentally wrong with this picture? Isn’t it? Is this what people called NWO/one world government? The power of printing money should/must belong to the nation, not in the hand of some private bankers!

        • One World Governement, I’m not sure, but more probably one class government…
          It has been decades now (since the early 80’s) that the long term politics are mainly aimed at protecting the wealthy/very wealthy. This is called liberal capitalism, and we know this structure and its effects very well : it is the economical system from 1800-1930. Reading Zola and others, we can learn a lot about the social mecanisms of big money society on one side and surviving little people on the other side.

          I am maybe way too pessimistic, but I cannot see what can change this evolution on the short term.
          As long as no one say loud enough : XIXth century capitalism shouldn’t be our model, we are heading to something like this…

          Maybe my mind sees the situation too doomed, but I cannot see a single event goign against these mechanisms since 2007…

          • Yes, you’re so correct and so precise: One-class-government!
            I’m glad that you already knew it. As you already said it, I have nothing but very little to add to yours, that is:
            1. Communism is absolutely no good for mankind. There are many examples around.
            2. Extreme capitalism (American capitalism) leads to very, very wide gap between the rich and the poors, and easily lead to police state/facist nations.
            3. People should not be governed in the same way a monarch did hundred years ago! they should be guided and led by leaders who are chosen among the people, and by the people.
            4. As you mentioned it is next to no hope that the current trend will change for the better. You maybe right. But people like you and me –knowing these schemes of the elites — should take advantage of the internet, and explain it to others. If the mass people know it, it will make very difficult for the elite to control/oppress them. ‘Make everyone aware of it’ should be our daily motto. Agree/disagree?