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Taxi driver fined €14,000 for failing to pay highway tolls

A Greek court  fined a tax driver with 14,000 euro for failing to pay highway tolls. The tax driver crossed 73 times the toll posts of Rio, Zevgolatio and Elefsis for 1. July 2011 until 30. August 2012 without paying the toll fees. The consortium of Olympia Odos, the company in charge of the highway, took the taxi driver to court submitting a detailed list of the taxi journeys, including photos with car plate number.

The taxi driver has to pay a total of 666.60 euro to Olympia Odos for outstanding toll fees and 13,332 euro as court penalty, which is 20 times the outstanding debt.

Olympia Odos took him to court after he refused to pay the outstanding debt.

The court decision is expected to open the way for many similar cases currently at stand by in court rooms as the highway consortiums filed several lawsuits against the motorists refusing to pay the tolls.

Two years ago the civic movement “I do not pay toll fees” was established to protest increases in highway tolls in times of economic crisis.

The taxi driver will appeal the court decision.



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