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Golden Dawn members attack and beat SYRIZA MP

Members of extreme right-wing Golden Dawn attacked and beat Dimitris Stratoulis, MP of left-wing SYRIZA outside OAKA football stadium Sunday evening in Athens. According to Stratoulis, he was approached by three men who told him they were members of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn).

“They told me they were memebrs of Chrysi Avgi and they would kill me now. They started to kick me and hit me with their fists on the head and face.” Stratoulis told reporters.

“I am Dimitris Stratoulis, members of SYRIZA and I’m under attack by Chrysi Avgi,” he reportedly shouted during the incident and some other soccer fans came to his aid. 

Dimitris Stratoulis was taken to the stadium first aid unit and then went to local police station to file a lawsuit. After speaking to reporters, he went to an Athens Hospital for medical checks.

Stratoulis was watching the Superleague game AEK-Atromitos but went outside the stadium during the break many other soccer fans. His son was inside the stadium when the attack occurred.

The MP told police that the perpetrators were three men between 3o-35.

 SYRIZA issued a statement speaking of “assassination attack” and urging the government to capture the culprits a s soon as possible.

Government spokesman condemned the attack as well as coalition government partners PASOK and  Democratic Left that spoke of ‘hooligan and fascist attack.”

Chrysi Avgi denied any connection with the incident and dismissed Stratoulis’ claims.

UPDATE Dec 17/2012:

GD files suit against Stratoulis for libel

“Far-right Golden Dawn on Monday filed a suit against SYRIZA MP Dimitris Stratoulis on libel charges, after the leftist deputy called Golden Dawn a “gang of criminals.”

The suit was filed on behalf of Golden Dawn by MP Ilias Panagiotaros after Stratoulis lashed out at the ultranationalist party following his assault on Sunday night by three men claiming to belong to Golden Dawn.” (ekathimerini)

Almost at the same time of the attack against Stratoulis,  there was tension between anti-fascist protesters and Chrysi Avgi members in Nikaia/Renti suburb of Athens, outside the Village cinemas. Protesters had organized an anti-fascist demonstration when they saw Chrysi Avgi members who were attending a party gathering. The two groups reportedly started to chase each other, with police making limited use of tear gas.


According to Skai TV , the police chased protesters inside the cinema complex, fired one or two tear gas devices, scaring the cinema visitors.  Unconfirmed reports speak of one wounded woman.


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  1. LIES. This was staged.

  2. Golden Dawn is suing Stratoulis for defamation. That’s what I just read

    • true. sorry I had no time to post about it earlier.

    • Strange. Doesn’t “defamation” by definition mean a “malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions”? By sueing, don’t they therewith confirm the action did in fact take place, and it was their action, it’s only the representation that is being challenged?
      And must they not apply for parliamentary immunity to be lifted before they can sue?

  3. Both of these parties are the laughing stock of us Greek Americans. Who wants Communist party or a facist party, both are cartoon characters