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Lesvos: Tragedy offshore with at least 20 dead migrants

Greek coast guards are still in search of  four children, two women and one man, all passengers of the fatal boat that capsized off shore Thermi area on the island of Lesvos causing the death of at least 28 people.  So far coast guards have retrieved the bodies of 20 men either from the sea or from the beach where they were washed ashore.

The sole surviveor, a 20-year-old man, was recovered from the sea on Friday with severe hypothermia shock. The man from Myanmar i s being hospitalised in Mytelene.

According to the survivor, the plastic boat packed with 28 illegal migrants left the Turkish coast for Greece in the early morning hours of Friday. The boat sank due to bad weather conditions and the heavy load. Local media reported that the man was wearing a life-west.

Among the passengers was also the Turkish smuggler. It is not clear whether he was among the dead or survived escaping with a by-boat.

Coast guards together with the FRONTEX continue the search even thought it is considered impossible to find survivors in the cold waters of the Aegean Sea.

The dreams of 28 people ended in tragedy. For one more time.



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