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EGAM: Greek PM to exclude Golden Dawn MPs from Council of Europe

European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM) said in a press release that Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras  announced he favored the exclusion of extreme right-wing Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) from the European Council Discrimination Committee. Last October the participation of Eleni Zaroulia, Member of the Greek Parliament and wife of party chairman of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) in the Council of Europe’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, caused outrage among antiracists in Europe.

“Zaroulia will be in Strasbourg as an alternate member of the Greek parliamentary delegation. “What does a member of a party involved in racist attacks and discrimination do in a non-discrimination committee, a committee known to fight racism and xenophobic behaviour?” ask many and not only Greeks.” (Full story KTG)

EGAM took an active role to prohibit the neo-Nazis and fascists of GD to sit in the Council of Europe.

Press release

Athens, Monday, December 17th,

EGAM congratulates itself of the decision announced by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras during his meeting with Benjamin Abtan, the President of EGAM, today in Athens : New Democracy is in favor of a new composition of the Greek parliamentary delegation to the Council of Europe without the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn.

This position is the same as the one previously announced by the parties Pasok, Democratic Left and Syriza, and it means implies the exclusion of the neo-Nazis from the Council of Europe.

For EGAM, it is a huge democratic victory, which brings a necessary and salutary political clarification, which be heard in Greece and in the rest of Europe.

Greece is now offering an example to the whole Europe of a country faced with the most violent social situation but whose leaders have decided to put the defense of democracy as a top priority.

Last, this decision allows to break the dynamic of the neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” in Greece and at the European level, and it reinforces the European antiracist movement which expressed itself with strength in the streets of Athens this Saturday, December 15th, gathering more than 10,000 people for a great antiracist march against neo-Nazism.”

However I am not sure whether Samaras can influence the composition of the Greek delegation as GD is a party legally elected to the Parliament.

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  1. If I recall well, when this particularly unsavoury bit of news became public knowledge, it was widely reported that the appointment was made and sanctioned by Samaras. Could be wrong of course, but if he can appoint, he can also un-appoint, no?
    He could of course just continue as usual and simply dis-appoint…