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Greece’s prosecutors compare two Lagarde-lists on tax evaders

Two versions of infamous Lagarde-list will reportedly find their way to the Greek parliament tomorrow or upcoming Monday. Economic prosecutors travelled to Paris on December 21st and returned to Athens with a copy of the original list with the names of Greeks suspected of tax evasion.

 France had originally handed over the so-called Lagarde-list to Athens back in 20120. But two former Greek finance ministers did not follow the money trails of at least 2,059 Greeks who had bank accounts at HSBC Geneva branch. Switzerland. Not only they did not investigate the assets of the bank holders but they also kept the list in the back corner of a dusty drawer.

A scandal broke in November when a weekly magazine published the names of the Greeks on the list, triggering public anger and fueling suspicion that the list was not investigated because it contained the names of some of  the country’s powerful Greeks citizens and that some names were erased. One ex finance minister was forced to hand out the list to Financial Crime Units (SDOE), while the other one claimed he knew nothing about the whereabouts of the list that was in a usb stick.

Now a team of prosecutors  is comparing the two lists, and according to exclusive information by To Vima newspaper, the second list is not in the same form as the first one.

Some Greek media claimed during the last days that the second list contains some 600 more names than the first one. They also allege that the investigation team compares assets, tax declarations, money transfers and account movements.

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