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Xanthi: heinous crime against a woman shocks Greek society

The screams of a woman set on fire woke up the residents of a building at 5 in the morning Thursday morning in 40 Ekklisies area of Xanthi in North-East Greece. Some of them rushed to the woman and tried to extinguish the fire. However, there wasn’t much they could do. The 34-year-old woman had died on the spot.

The horror engulfed the shocked residents when they saw the victim was the daughter of a neighbour. According to some media reports, her father and her brother were among those who were trying to save her without knowing who she was.

According to first information by the police, the perpetrator is being claimed to have first sexually abused the woman, then took fuel from a parked motorcycle, poured it over her and set the poor woman on fire.

While police is investigating the case, there is suspicion that the perpetrator was more than one.

According to media reports, the woman was out with a friend, who left her a couple of meters away so she had to walk alone up to her home door.

The woman was living in Thessaloniki and was visiting her parents in Xanthi over Christmas vacations.

Greek media speak of a crime of passion and express hope that the monsters will be soon identified and arrested.


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  1. There must be more to this than meets the eye…it would take time to take the petrol from a nearby bike…..this sounds like a pre planned murder.